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Starting a Mage...

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Hi all,

I've never really played as a mage in the Elder Scrolls games. If I ever played anything, it was a straight-up warrior-esque character. It's usually simpler that way. Just pick whether or not you want one or two handed weapons and use it the rest of the game.

Magic seems more complicated, so I come asking for help. I just don't have enough hands to use all the schools equally. Should I just stick with Destruction because it more directly leads to the death of those that attack me? Illusion seems like fun since I can turn my enemies against themselves and watch the carnage ensue. I'll definitely want to level up Conjuration at some point since I like the idea of having undead minions. While Restoration would definitely come in handy, I can't say I'm too eager to build it up... and Alteration can go screw. ;)

Anyways, with so many options, what is a new level 1 mage to do? Should I just focus on Destruction for now since I have a few starter spells and they kill stuff pretty decently? Is there a strategy to juggling a few schools at a time?

Right now I'm just constantly running away from my enemies until my mana comes back a little bit, burn them, then start running away again. Rinse and repeat. Is there a better way to be a mage?

Thanks guys! Any advice to this novice is appreciated. :)




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One thing you'll want to do asap, is purchase the first perks from Destr & Restr. They allow you to cast novice level spells from those schools for 'half price' so to speak. Having fire on one hand and healing on the other is a good tactic for beginners, but try to have Magicka Replenish potions on hand for emergencies. Or, if it becomes necessary, a dagger or something for critical situations.

I'll probably try being a wizard or something next time I play. My first character always solved his problems with the pointy end of a blade when dialogue failed. My second character was a sneaky murderer, striking from the shadows with the pointy end of a blade. I've used magic but never relied heavily on it.

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well, i played skyrim as a full mage. but about 10 hours before earning the platinum, the enemies got so tough that i had to switch to 1 handed sword. it was still mainly magic, but i have favorited some 1 handed weapons just in case my mana runs out in the middle of the battle... i mostly focused on destruction magic, but healing magic is very important as well. you can probably kill everything without a problem using only destruction magic until ~level 30, but dont make the same mistake as me and just favorite a 1h weapon as soon as possible just in case, its a real life saver instead of hiding in a corner in the middle of a fight just hoping the enemy doesnt find you until your magic refils. also, make sure to go to the college and talk to the girl who sells destruction magic and buy some spells. i used level 1 spells for most of the game not knowing about level 2 and 3 spells until a friend told me to use them lol. level 2 should be perfect.

also, when you level make sure to level your MP and HP every time. you shouldnt worry about stamina too much, considering you can get a horse very early in the game and as a mage you wont really use stamina other than some occasional running.

again, make sure to invest in MP and HP, because you will need more MP for stronger spells, and more HP for harder battles.

just speaking from personal experience, but then again, im not a pro at skyrim. i hope i helped out at least a bit though (also, sorry about the whole essay paragraph at the begining)

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Hey Dreakon, the link below has some GREAT tips for those playing as a Mage:


Hope it helps!

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Destruction guide

Conjuration guide

Illusion & Alteration guide

Illusion - skip to 3:40

Alteration - skip to 5:38

If you still prefer melee, try using fists only.

Warning: The guy uses a lot of profanity, so NSFW and tone down the volume when watching.

Hope this helps.
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