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#10 & #1 Good Job Award Leader Board spot question.

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Ok, let Me start out by saying that the Leader Boards need patching.

they need a weekly or @least a Monthly Leader Board separately from an all time Leader Board.

but with that said, unto My question.

I've been trying on and off for both these spots and have to admit I'm currently not even close. :shakefist:

but will eventually get around to focusing on them,

well I was just wondering which method would be the best and most direct to achieving these good jobs.

for instance, basic training.

which stage do you think or would you recommend concentrating on for this.?

and if there was ever a game in My opinion that I think was unPlatable in under 3 Months would be this game.

no matter how much time you have on your hands even if you glitched the 6 Month trophy,

I still don't think it is.

so for those that did do it in under 3 Months,

game saves and hacking

is not an option. :angry:

so I'm open to any other suggestions. :hmm:

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lol - I think you picked a bad game to keep up with your 100% completion record. To answer your question pick whichever you personally are stronger in or enjoy the most. In my opinion that is the only way you even have a chance because you will be spending months perfecting your play towards the #1 ranking. Good luck dood!!!


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