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Help With NAT Type

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Hello folks I've an issue that's been bothering me since I started playing online multiplayer games and that is my NAT type 3 connection. Usually I can join games fine but sometimes it makes it really troublesome and I'd rather get it fixed the right way so I don't have to worry about it. It also affects my Vita (can't play Resistance online!) so if I could get help with that too I'd appreciate it.

If anyone has step by step instructions on how to do this I'd greatly appreciate it. Do you open ports or put the PS3 in a DMZ? Try and explain it with as much detail as possible because I'm a complete moron when it comes to computers.

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I'll guess that you are using a wireless router (since you mentioned the Vita). It could be a couple of things...you could have a firewall issue, interference with the Wi-Fi signal or possibly an issue with modulating information transfer speeds that drop below the acceptable limitations of the hardware. The last one, you can't fix. That's an internet provider issue. However, it's the easiest one to check just by watching your transfer speed on the computer to see if it fluctuates greatly. Also, if you have issues when more than 1 person is using the Net it also may be a flow issue (i.e. think of the net like a pipeline and the information transfer the water that flows within the pipe. Open up all your faucets at the same time and the water pressure drops. Same thing happens when you have multiple devices accessing the web at the same time. The more items that access the net, the more that the total flow of info is halved until you drop below the minimum requirements). Another issue could be that your neighbors could be between you and the internet hub. As they draw off "the water" your pressure may also drop.

Below are some of the links that may assist you with the other 2 issues. If they are no help, first I would contact the Sony help line (1-800-345-SONY). If they can't help, I'd call the customer service number for your router's manufacturer and then possibly the Web provider as a last resort.

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You just need to set static routes, and open some ports.

Post your routers manufacturer/model number, or go to PortForward's PS3 Static Guide, and PortForward's Router Guide.


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