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Hey, I'm a 22 year old guy i currently work as an IT Technician and only gets to play games every so often! . I started gaming with FF7 back in 1997, my dad had heard good reviews for it and thought I'd like the game. I started to love games from then onwards, moving onto wrestling games, football games and eventually making my home at FPS games. FIFA and online shooters are my favourite these days.

I play football in my spare time, as well as listening to music and on the rare occasion I edit and upload videos. Other than playing games and talking to peeps online either through means of the Chatbox and Skype.

















Current Goals


75% Average completion rate








Uncharted: Drake's Fortune


I didn't intend to buy this game, I hadn't even heard of it, but my friend borrowed it to me for a week saying it was pretty good. As I started the game up it instantly reminded me of Lara Croft. I fell in love with the game. After failing on getting the GTA4 platinum I was determined to get 100% on this game. I played my first playthrough for fun and instantly started my second playthrough on crushing (I always called it cruising, since it was easy). I had finally gotten my first platinum, but I wanted more. Here started my hunger for trophies, and it hasn't been satisfied yet.


The graphics were pretty good at the time, i was blown away by the detail of the main character Drake. The gameplay and animation was smooth. It was the perfect single player experience. 



SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection


I've never owned the SEGA Mega Drive before, so visiting this game wasn't a flashback at all. So playing some of these classics was new to me, I thought some of these were pretty good, some not so good. However after a few hours i was finished with the platinum, with the only trophy that caused me too much trouble was the Yazthee. 



Burnout Paradise


One of the best racing games of all time that i've played, wish something would come close to the awesomeness that was burnout paradise. Only need for speed shift ever came close. Was fun all round shame i didn't get the 100% don't think i'll ever will do which is kind of a shame.





Really overrated game, regret buying the sequel too, even at a discounted price. Although it was coop it never rally worked unless it was local coop, the lag just worked totally against you and the experience it was supposed to have. Not to mention the trophies was god awful, the 3 bullshit ones, share, create, play. 






Eat Lead



Killzone 2



Resident Evil 5







Ghostbusters: The Video Game






Terminator Salvation



WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010



Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince



Need for Speed: Undercover



Modern Warfare 2 






Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time



Assassin's Creed II



Ashes Cricket 2009



Need for Speed: Shift






Battlefield: Bad Company 2






The Godfather II



Tekken 6 



Guitar Hero 5 






Call of Duty: World at War 



Heavy Rain









Killzone 3



WWE All Stars



Demon's Souls 



Demon's Souls



God of War



Portal 2



Monopoly Streets




Resistance 3



Call of Duty: Black Ops 



Demon's Souls



The Darkness II 



WWE Legends of WrestleMania



Motorstorm RC



Motorstom RC



FIFA Street



Medal of Honor






Uncharted 2: Among Thieves



uDraw: Instant Artist






Jurassic: The Hunted



Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection



Wanted (German)






Dead Island 



Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale



Hannah Montana The Movie



Trine 2



Battlefield 3



Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3


This was the call of duty that put me off CoD for good. The single player portion of the game was decent at best, the story was pretty good actually but it has been better (look at mw2 or cod4 for example). The true downfall of this game was the coop and the mp really hurt this game. They were so frustratingly bad, i found myself screaming at all the bullshit in the game, the dlc just adds to the frustration, Man i hated this game.





The game was only made decent due to the fact i was playing with my friends, it would be a terrible and more difficult grind if this was not the case.




Gravity Rush


A lot of people didn't like gravity rush for some reason, but i really loved the game, especially the story. The main character was interesting to learn about and there was also a few interesting side characters too. My only gripe with the game was the lack of interesting monsters to face, they all look the same with slight differences. The bosses however were fantastic experiences and fun to find out how to destroy them. I also thought that the challenges were fun to beat also, even though most hated that part of the game the most, i found it to be great whilst playing on the train! Best Vita game out. 



Brink JP


Played this version of the game with BT, Kirby and Pie. Was good fun, but we had trouble connecting, dat JP server.



Borderlands 2


Another excellent cooperative game here. Fully recommend not only the game but the dlc too. Its hilarious as hell. The platinum is pretty fun to earn, there isn't really anything that is frustrating at all, just a nice smooth path to victory. Played this with BroTizzle, KJ420 and Aldo. Travel Master 2014



Saints Row: The Third


Really fun game, the coop playthrough with BeautifulTorment was enjoyable to say the least and the ending? It was incredible, combined with that Bonnie Tyler classic, literally made the game 20 times better than it would be. The DLC however was poor and expensive, really not worth the money at all, and With BT abandoning me on one of the DLCs made the experience worst, after all he did steal my helicopter kill...It was a fun game overall though and i got Saints Row 4 because of it. Infact i might do the German version in the future. 8/10.



Killzone 3 Multiplayer


So this game when i played it was basically a boost fest with my boy BeautifulTorment since the servers were completely dead, so not much to say about my experience other than BT was really good at letting me killing him in various different ways so that was fun i guess. I mean its always fun killing BT right? Also big thanks to my boy Shawn who helped us when we needed extra peeps for one of the trophies.





Unit 13


Took me quite a while to start playing Unit 13 as i wasn't really interested in the gameplay. I would do a few missions here and there as i quickly got either frustrated or bored with the  game. But in the end i got the plat with a little help from BMJ! who shared the last 3 HVTs with me giving me the motivation to finish the game up. Also my 2nd platinum tonight



Borderlands Game of the Year Edition (JP)


This is the platinum for the Japanese version of the game! I played the EU version a long time ago, solo. This time I played the game the whole way through with 2 scrubs named Killerjazz420 and BeautifulTorment. We had a good time for the most part. Both BT and Jazz took a liking to falling asleep while we played though, whilst i carried the team by travelling to all the missions and keeping everyone alive. Huge thanks to kb420mcl for helping us with Crawmerax at the end though. No modded weapons made some of the DLC packs quite a bit more challenging this time through.



MLB 13: The Show - Home Run Derby Edition


Extremely short psn game that I believe was free on the US PSN store! Not much i can say about this game as i only played it for 5 minutes. A really simplistic arcade baseball game that anyone can pick up and play, you will get really good at this game in a matter of minutes and you'll be getting homeruns for days.  



PS All Stars Battle Royale (PS Vita) 


This was the second time platting this game, it was as boring as ever with the repetitive nature of the arcade trophies. Pretty much doing 20 playthroughs through the arcade whilst doing level 3 on specific levels, makes this a simple platinum. The online trophies were only difficult since there isn't anyone online anymore. But thanks to ruber212 and a few random people online that i was able to get triple kills on i managed to get them pretty quickly. Not a fun plat, but if you are looking for an easy platinum to do then look no further than PS All Stars.



Counter Strike: Global Offensive


Really quick and fairly easy platinum so there isn't much to say about this game. I boosted the more difficult trophies with Pie, and managed to clean up the rest on an offline bot game with some practice. This was supposed to be a classic hit making its way to the consoles but i don't think it was ported well at all, the controls felt stiff and clunky, it seems it'll take a while to become a veteran of the game. But i only played it for a few hours as that's how the plat is! Really easy platinum with a few luck based trophies, grab a partner to make it easier. 



Need For Speed: Most Wanted


Like i've always said racing games are always the same, they only have minor differences. Most Wanted was nothing special, it was like the other street racing game i've played (nfs: Undercover). I did fairly enjoy the game though, the races were (mostly) fair and not too difficult, the online was stable and there was a nice selection of cars. The only problem i had with the game is the collectibles was not fun at all (why put collectibles in a racing game really?) and there wasn't a way to search for what races you had already completed. Oh and not to mention there was a load of expensive DLC too. Overall decent racing game and not too difficult platinum trophy. 
Thanks to Lee for helping me with the online trophies



Resistance: Burning Skies 


Really quick platinum, disappointing story and repetitive gameplay. The Resistance series has always been filled with decent gameplay and a great story, so i always did like their games, thats why i bought this. Having the expectation that it was going to be a very decent, however i was highly disappointed. I didn't care for the characters, the story didn't even try to get me involved emotionally and the gameplay was basic walk here shoot shit move on. Very poor game but a very quick plat.



Shadows of the Damned


So first of all if you really like this game i'm sorry for what i'm about to say. Here goes, i got this game from naugie, we traded games CH demon souls for a copy of sotd. This was over a year and 6 months ago. That's right it took me 18 months to complete this game, why you ask? Because i feel the game is way overrated, the controls are bad and they always feel like you are combating with it to get a clear shot (its luck based if you do get the perfect shot you wanted) After completing a run on the hardest difficulty with every misc trophy done too, you still have to complete it on normal and easy difficulty....you know just in case you can't beat it on normal or easy. Which is another point, not only do you have to complete the game 3 times ( i don't know how people could triple plat this game, 9 playthroughs wtf) but the gameplay is really repetitive. You find yourself killing enemies in the same way with your favorite weapons and similar puzzles. The only good thing about this game was the bosses, they was very well designed for the most part. The story was ok but i didn't find myself laughing at the game, which it tried very hard to do so. I hope i never have to play this game again i can't wait to give it back to naugie.





My 76th platinum and an ultra rare plat as well, woot. I played Terraria almost always in coop with my gang, BeautifulTorment, KirbySeph and Killerjazz420. The game was surprisingly fun in coop, i didn't expect to get interested in it when i first bought it, but i found it a decent coop game and learned much about the game, it wasn't a game i didn't care about. I was confused why it was a ultra rare plat, most of the trophies can be gotten with ease if you know someone who has the platinum, also what makes it easier is that the items can be duped in coop worlds too, making the game a whole lot easier. But overall the gameplay was fun, the worlds was unique, and the bosses were awesome to fight against. The only downside was the game was very glitchy, some of the trophies wouldn't pop when they were supposed to and the game would freeze a lot. Also when you have Kirby running around the world placing toilets everywhere doesn't help either  :rolleyes: or BeautifulTorment and Killerjazz420 need your help or a new item all the time



The Walking Dead


I really enjoyed this game, it was a lot like heavy rain. Really good story not too much gameplay aspects but the story was a big plus that kept me playing the game. The game was a quick platinum, about 5 hours, and takes no skill whatsoever. Basically just have to progress through the story and you will get all the trophies. The choices you have to make in the game can affect the gameplay but the story will end in the same way or so i believe. I would recommend you play the game, don't think it is worth a second play through though. I can see why it was voted one of the best psn games. /me grabs the tissues.





Much better than the previous FIFA game, trophy wise anyways. very few bullshit trophies you need luck for in this game, most are what they should be, skill based trophies. It was a delight to get the FIFA platinum for once, it didn't have me raging at the screen at all. I'm gonna go for the double platinum it was that much fun! If you are looking to get your first FIFA plat then get this one! You will however need to have one friend to get the online trophies with, but they don't take to long to get. A big thanks to Gota for helping me get the coop trophies  :D



Payday 2


Really glad to get this platinum after a final 10 hours of grinding the same mission for experience. I would recommend this game to any group of 4 players, really fun with a few coop partners to blast through with. The only trophy that is annoying is the level 100 trophy, as you won't get higher than level 50 through natural road to the platinum and that isn't even half way. It'll take about 20 hours to get to level 100 alone. Other than that though the game and platinum is great and i really enjoyed it, looking forward to the DLC that is coming out for it. Would like to thank KillerJazz420, BroTizzle, Kirbyseph, Malik and kevinnummer1 for helping a bro out. If you don't mind level grinding get this game!




Sound Shapes x2 


Decently fun platform game, the campaign i'd say was the most enjoyable out of the 3 modes. Beat school was easy enough (especially with a guide) and death mode is where most people including me had the most trouble with. Plenty of silver trophies in this game, and in the dlc (which i recommend to any trophy hunters to buy). This game was really cheap and worth the money, although there is a few missions in death mode that had me frustrated you will get used to the levels and eventually complete them, they are only quick levels too so you won't lose tons of progress and time when you die. Average game 6/10




Black Ops 2


WORST CALL OF DUTY EVER!! Even MW3 wasn't this bad, really did not enjoy playing this game. The trophies was bad, the single player got unbearable because of the amount of playthroughs and challenges you had to do. The multiplayer was bad, the zombies and the DLC was bad. My god the Easter eggs this year was too complex and you either needed to be incredibly lucky,  have 4 players, or have 4 really good players playing. This game and its trophies was so bad, i am really considering not buying another call of duty game again. 3/10



Saints Row 4


First of all i wanna say that this game was not as enjoyable as Saints Row 3 and a little credit to Killerjazz420 for playing half the game with me. I did enjoy saints row 4, it took a different gameplay approach to 3, it focused more on super powers, and becoming sort of a super hero instead of being the boss of a gang trying to take over the city. The game is a lot more fun in coop however you have to share your kills with your partner which can be a pin when going for challenges. The story and the collectibles go much quicker when you are playing coop, so whatever is best  :). 8/10



Fear 3


Another ultra rare platinum! Had a lot of fun with BeautifulTorment on our first playthrough of the story mode, but it went all down hill when we had to go for the challenges and the story scores. The multiplayer wasn't too difficult when we got used to the survival aspect and had a plan together, we was joined by Mr i'll go and do my own Malik and Sir die a lot PixelZero. Overall wasn't a difficult platinum as most of the game can be done with friend and on the lowest difficulty. Other than the insane playthrough that you have to do, which can prove to be quite difficult. Other than that is was a decently fun game and worth a pick up if you have a friend to play with.



Sound Shapes x2


My first Playstation 4 platinum and my 3rd Sound Shapes platinum! This was a much quicker and easier platinum the 3rd time round, it only took me about 4 hours to complete the game, with most of my time spent on death mode. (that mode can really piss you off at times!) The game ran a little bit smoother than previous versions but other than that it was practically the same experience. Not much to say about a game you've platted 3 times now...onto the 4th Sound Shapes platinum maybe? 





So for the most part of the game this was a fun coop game that i played with a bunch of friends. The trophies aren't too bad (except or one, which i'll go into detail) most can be earned in the tutorial level. There is one trophy where you will need to do a lot of pointless grinding for and it can ruin the entire session, but luckily if you know someone who has the required stuff in their game, you can join them and get the trophy in 30 seconds which is a good bonus. Thanks blazkiller. Would recommend to play with a bunch of mates.





Second time i have platted fifa 14 and i could of had the fastest plat time if it wasn't for EA. ( check this thread for more on that http://psnprofiles.c...ic/11230-hey-ea) Second time around playing this game was so much fun though as i knew how to do all the frustrating trophies! The only problem was the online ones, as no one i knew had a PS4 and the challenge trophy. Glad i did it for a second time, it makes up for fifa13.





Really bad platinum image. But a really fun space shooter, if you loved super stardust HD then you will love this game all day every day! Played this game with Pie for the 1 credit trophy, which was really fun as the game really caters to the coop players by making the game run smoothly with 2 players. A really fun game if any of you guys have a ps4 and if you have PS Plus then you can get the game for free, even better! Last thing to note is the trophies in this game are fairly easy although the 1 credit trophy may require a partners help depending on your skill and the luck in the game. 9/10



The Walking Dead Vita


Second time playing through this game and it was still fantastic, decided to play differently to see how it effects the story...so many feels. This really is one of the best games out on the vita. I didn't complete it as quick as possible as i played when i wanted to and didn't force my way through. The only part of the game i didn't like was the Wyatt DLC and doing the rock, paper, scissors trophy. 



Grid 2


First of all i want to explain that before starting this game i was warned it may glitch a few of the trophies. So i played it anyways, and my friend was not wrong as the game refused to give me one of the trophies. Turns out all you need to do is solve a rubix cube, the da vinci code and explain the existence of life to get the trophy. The game is a basic racing game, you jump in a car drive A to B and hopefully you'll become first, but it can be very forgiving as you can rewind time to make sure to go around that one corner without crashing. The Single player was boring as ever as all you had to was the same race every season, with the multiplayer not really offering any different. The trophies were piss easy (including the DLC) and basically if you don't mind waiting a few weeks the online isn't much of a grind, just a bit glitchy. However i wouldn't recommend the game, honestly don't play it, its bad.



Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock


If you are not a doctor who fan, don't play this game. Watch the TV show and become a Doctor Who fan first. When you are a Doctor Who fan, don't play this game. Its not really that bad, its just extremely average and for a tv show tie in game that's fairly good, but still the game can be unfair and repetitive, especially on hard puzzle difficulty. The game is more fun with a coop partner, mainly because the AI partner is poor, it also makes the game shorter. The game is relatively easy to plat, if there was a decent trophy guide on the internet, however at this moment in time there isn't so good luck! Also please note that you cannot play this game online. Why you may ask? i dunno actually. There was gonna be another 2 more Doctor Who games but they cancelled them after the first one, take that as you will.



Diablo III


Diablo 3 is an enjoyable game, unfortunately it suffers from its trophy list. There is a trophy which requires you to grind 5m gold coins, this may have been easy except you have to pick up the coins from dead enemies or chests. Which means quest rewards, selling items and trades all don't count. You may whine at me saying that diablo 3 is a game designed to the player grinding, which is true, but when i'm grinding for an item in a specific way and has no real use to me anymore i don't see the point, only to get the platinum ofcourse. Its a solid loot dungeon game, the story is beautiful and the gameplay is very fun (dependent on what class you choose). Another bonus is that you can blast your way through the game with 3 coop partners. The trophies like i already mentioned can be grindy, but most of the trophies make sense and are not too difficult, since you control the difficulty level it can just be a bit time consuming thats all. Its a really good game, and not a bad port from the PC, get a few friends together and have a good time with this game!



Battlefield 4


I really enjoyed the single player campaign in this game, the story was fantastic and the set pieces was also. The trophies were very easy also, i had no trouble getting all the trophies in under 2 playthroughs. The multiplayer however was really boring when played solo, its the same as BF3 there hasn't been any advances this year other than graphically. I'd recommend only playing the multiplayer with friends and on double exp weekends, or you'll be bored quick. With the bullshit DLC trophies adding to the poor multiplayer i wasn't impressed with this game, only the single player excited me.



Resident Evil 6


I hate this game, i blame BeautifulTorment for all the pain i have suffered playing this game. The coop was painfully bad, the grinding for score points was horrible, the multiple DLCs were all nasty apart from the horde type DLC which we had fun with. This game has put me off all resident evil games, which is quite the feat, I vow never to play another again, its that bad. 



Wonderbook: Book of Spells


You know what? This is actually a quite decent game, all the move movements worked fine and the wonderbook worked perfectly throughout my experience of the story. However there was one big problem with this game. That is the isn't much of a story, its just a bunch of mini games that you have to complete, and there isn't even much variation of the spells, they are all pretty much the same thing. You draw the symbol of the spell you want to use then flick in the direction you want to do it in. The game is really short, therefore the game doesn't get too repetitive. The game has interested me enough to look into getting more wonderbook games, to see how they play. It was also a really simple platinum to get.  





Another platinum BeatuifulTorment managed to complete before me despite boosting the mp with me. The single player was decent, it wasn't too bad, it was however the trophies for the single player portion of the game that hurt its progress. The amount of collectibles that the game required you to get was too much i feel, 400+ I think? The multiplayer wasn't anything to write home about, but it was really fun running around with my panzerschreck shooting newbs (especially BT) and you don't really have much fun boosting mp trophies normally, so that makes a happy change for once. The platinum is also ultra rare, so if you and a buddy fancy that, its easy enough  ;)



Sound Shapes HK


So if you thought platting the game 4 times wasn't enough...i had to go and platinum the game again, but this time it was the Hong Kong version. Yes you may start calling me the Sound Shapes King as well as the FIFA King, as i managed to platinum the game in 2 hours, which i think would be high up on the fastest achievers if it wasn't full of 10 seconds achievers. Ah well, there is always another region i can go for...JP? 



FIFA 13 


Finally got this platinum after 2 years of trying to get an inform, after percision-playy gifted me 200k coins, i managed to get lucky and get an inform. Now i can be crowned once again as the #FIFAKing. #ConnmanWins. Hopefully there won't be anymore inform trophies in future FIFA games, one can only hope however. Roll on the next FIFA.



Payday: The Heist


Loved playing this game with my boys BT, KJ420, Malik, Nummer1 and KirbySeph. Its a pretty sweet coop game, free and although it doesn't have many different missions, you will find yourself playing them over, and over for fun. Warning you will have to grind for exp towards the end. 





Despite what BeautifulTorment says, this game is no where near as good as FIFA is. In fact this game isn't even a football game, really all you have to do is sim every game until you have the plat. This makes the game very, very boring, and a very poor game. Luckily it was free! Don't spend money on it though.



Tomb Raider 


Great return to the series, loved the story, one of the best stories I've actually played in fact. It did start to play a little like uncharted but its even more than that and focuses on the survivor aspect, which is freaking awesome. The multiplayer is pretty fun too but unfortunately the online mode is dead when i got to play it, so i couldn't play much of it unless it was for boosting, hopefully the PS4 version's online isn't dead.



Dungeon Defenders


Seriously i got carried through this game by DJ_Helyx, Hitman, KJ420, BT and KB. It probably is a decent game if you actually play it properly but if you are just standing around spamming R1 whilst the rest of your team does the rest then its quite boring. Decent tower defense game, but its not my type of game at all.



Far Cry 3


Possibly one of my favourite games that I've played this year! The single player was fun, i felt that the story was absolutely amazing, the gameplay was fluid and enjoyable and the graphics was top tier. The coo aspect of the game was decently ok, what made it enjoyable was trying to get more kills than my Bro BT not the actual experience of the missions. The trophies were easy enough, as long as you get the awkward trophies early on everything else will go smoothly.



Sound Shapes (JP)


Yes another Sound Shapes platinum, probably the last.




Smart As


This is basically a game that tests your brain with different mini games. Which is pretty sweet for the first 10 days, the problem however is you have to play the game for 100 different days and 10 different weeks for the plat. So its repetitive as hell, not fun. It was a free game on PS+ and its quite a rare plat so, all in all not bad to play here and there to get the plat.



Worms Revolution


I am really bad at worms (unless its against wdjat or BT because they are scrubs) the story took me a while to beat getting stuck on some bullshit mission where i have to shoot a grenade in the most impossible fashion. The online grind wasn't too bad, getting the 300 kills was great fun with the concrete donkey :D



Operation Flashpoint: Red River


Rifleman 250 meters north west! Played this with the gang, BeautifulTorment Grenadier, KillerJazz Rifleman, Malik Medic, and me the Javelin Master. Realistic game army sim, this game felt like it was the same mission over and over again. With the game involving clearing an area, jumping in a jeep or a helicopter, just to kill some more people. The DLC was terrible btw.



Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce


Another game i played with the seatk crew, fighting through armies of enemies that just keep coming back, meeting dudes like Geremy across our ventures to kill 2 birds of chaos for us. Then you had TommyGun trying to steal all your general kills, decent game onto multiraid! (Korean version of the game)



FIFA13 (Vita) 


I finally got this platinum done! I swear that FIFA13 was not the game for me, i had struggled to complete the ps3 and the ps vita version of the game, but now i have both of them done now! Had some help from my boy Cobby1995 with the horrible online grind that is the 100 games online. Maybe we'll do FIFA14 Vita next? #FIFAKing



2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil


I continue to retain my title as #FIFAKing with the help of BeautifulTorment! Beasting all the challenges ahead of us both we completed our journey to the world cup and earned the platinum the way it should be done, together! Only FIFA15 and FIFA14 (vita) stand in my way now.



FIFA 15 (vita)


Been running this in the background whilst playing other games such as league of legends and gta (mainly for stadiums) Same as every other fifa on the vita really nothing changes, except no online trophies this time so thats why its ultra common compared to the rest.



FIFA 15 (PS4)


After a lot of grinding for the :bronze: Styling trophy and the :bronze: Extra effort I am left with only 2 FIFA platinums left this season. This was only possible with the help from Cobby and Kevinnummer1 who helped me boost the free kick goals i needed. Nearly sick of FIFA now, just ps3 and fifa 14 to go.



Call of Duty: Ghosts


What a terrible game this was, the story was bleh, the mp was utterly terrible and the extinction mode was the absolutely worst addition to the series yet, it has completely put me off the future games in the series, i still haven't bought the advanced warfare game.



Need For Speed: Most Wanted


Game wasn't as bad as the ps3 version of the game (plus it turns out you guys get it for free). But i had a few glitches and errors whilst playing the game. First i got an error that said i didn't have enough space on my memory card to make an auto save even though i have like 10GB of space left. The second glitch i had was when i was collecting the billboards where the game would throw me to the xmb every time i went to the map which as you can imagine was a pain in the ass.



Dead Island: Riptide


I so did not want to play this game, i really didn't enjoy the first game Glitch Island, its a game i don't enjoy much at all. I didn't bother with the story line, the gameplay is the exact same throughout the game which is just mash R1 until everything is dead and move to the next section basically. The only upside to this game is the 4 player coop (when it is stable, we had a lot of problems connecting and what not) Decent fun killing your teammates with explosives, but that's just me. Glad there isn't any dlc in the end, hope i don't end up being forced to play Dead Island 2.





Fifa king returns once again, got most of the trophies in one sitting really. Had to wait for my booy beautifultorment (again) and get the rest of the online trophies. One more to go now! #FIFAKing



Dead Nation


I thought i would never plat the game, but after becoming god like on the game once again i started to enjoy it, Its not one of those many games which is only worth playing coop mode either. I found solo mode to be quite enjoyable too (DLC not so much) Pretty good game and i'm gonna do the other dead nation games for  that triple stack.



Dead Nation 


Back to back dead nation platinums?! Thats unheard of! I really did fall in love with this game after getting the ps4 platinum aswell, just the ps vita version to go now. Again i did this mostly solo after cooping with my boy BT.



Infamous: First Light


I really loved this game, even though it was only a short game with lots of arena challenges i had lots of fun with it. It felt a little like saints row 4 in terms of abilities and free roam aspect. Pretty sweet game, easy enough platinum and i can't wait to play Second Sun.



Spec Ops: The Line


Really good shooting game, had a different story than most showing the real horrors of war. The first playthrough was the only good one however as the fubar mode was frustrating in certain points but nothing too impossible like most people have suggested it is. Really fun game with a good bunch of characters and a decent story plus it was free!



Battlefield 4


You know a game is so much more fun playing with your buddies, if i didn't play this with some bros of mine online that i wouldn't have the hundie as it just isn't fun at all without friends. The story is really good even after the 2nd time beating it. The DLC however is really brutal, having to play the game for 30 extra hours and not needing to go after anything once you have done the assignments? Not needed at all really. But it was enjoyable.





This version of the game is a lot harder than the ps4 version. Not sure why though, maybe its to do with the ps3 not being a frame whore like the ps4 can be. But with the help of my good friend Elliot shmenon-pie i managed to get the plat, thank god there wasn't a 3rd list to do, cause i wouldn't of done it probably.





Casual banter with bmj and BT, making castle, tracks, defeating dragons and trapping villagers. Had fun even though BT kept killing me halting my trophy progress but it was much quicker than expected thanks to BMJ's fancy world. My last minecraft platinum as i'm not buying the vita version.



Prototype 2


The sequel was not as fun as the main game was at all, the only good part of the game was hearing the character come out with some ridiculous stuff (see picture above) The game doesn't makes you feel like your an OP super hero who can take down multiple enemy's, sometimes struggling with one enemy at  a time.



FIFA14 (vita)


Officially the FIFA king now, there is no ore FIFAs that are possible for me to finish until fifa 16 :D To all those who disagree,you just have to be haters i'm afraid so goml :awesome:



inFamous: Second Son


This game is not as good as first light was, this game didn't make me feel overpowered it made me feel like a weak fragile superhero. Superhero aren't meant to be weak, they should be able to take down fleets of dudes without any problems and only come across trouble in rare occasions. The game felt alot like prototype 2. The good part of the game was the final boss fight, that made me feel the emotions that i bet they wanted me to feel. I felt sad for his brothers death and then i wanted to kick her ass so pretty decent game i guess.



Borderlands 2 (PS4)



The Walking Dead (PS4)



Super Stardust Ultra (PS4)



Under Defeat HD



Trine: Enchanted Edition

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hmm interesting name. I want to see some awesomeness in here :P




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Wip checklist

Looking great so far man! You better keep this up cuz i'm expecting sum great things from you in the future!


Conn Snow

Conn Snow

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Looking great so far man! You better keep this up cuz i'm expecting sum great things from you in the future!

As long as you have low expectations :P


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So far it looks solid :)

Currently Playing: Max Payne - New York Minute Hardcore










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whats the checklist thing.what am i missing?



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whats the checklist thing.what am i missing?

It´s a forum where you can make a thread about all your platinums, and comment on them (like a showoff kinda thing, really)

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Conn Snow

Conn Snow

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First goal completed!! BF3 is now at 100% for now...
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New plat added. Medal of Honour. I was thinking of doing a small 1 min montage of all my platinum games what do you think? :S
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Conn Snow

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Finally!!! Got my 100% on FIFA again. Now lets see whats next :hmm: oh yeah vanquish :devil:
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Latest platinum was Jurassic: The Hunted (not had one in a while)
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Liking this a lot, man! :D
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“If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery–isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of your endurance, of how much you really want to do it. And, you’ll do it, despite rejection and the worst odds. And it will be better than anything else you can imagine. If you’re going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It’s the only good fight there is.”

- Charles Bukowski


Only two games left before before hibernation.


Conn Snow

Conn Snow

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So i've reached my platinum goal for this year of 60 plats :D

I recently got the Sonic ultimate genesis collection plat, the german version of wanted weapons of fate plat and the pictionary plat.

And just today i finally got round to platting Dead island. :yay: me!!
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Congratz on Dead Island :D






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y u no kirb in shout outs! :(
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Conn Snow

Conn Snow

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Got my latest plat #61 ps all stars.!!!


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I totally didn't ask to be included, and I didn't teach you how to get bitches :| nope..
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Conn Snow

Conn Snow

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So i kinda sorta got this plat next Hannah Montana: The Movie Only cause Ballz sent it me, so i had to :o


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Mr Incredible

Mr Incredible

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you dirty trophy whore you. Now what's next?



Typical. I mean - why apply cognitive resources to a problem when you can just throw crap at it.




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So i kinda sorta got this plat next Hannah Montana: The Movie Only cause Ballz sent it me, so i had to :o

Don't feel too bad. I have been checking my local gamestop periodically to see if HM comes in. Yes, I am that sad.


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