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Another game to chill with

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This is another game that I find extremely enjoyable and relaxing the same way as Flower is. The game play is straightforward, also making full use of the SIXAXIS controls, and the graphics and soothing soundtrack are equally impressive as well.

The PS3 version of Flow has several added features. There are four new creatures to play, all with different abilities: Manta, Rogue, Hunter, and Puffer. In addition, the player can also eat power-ups which will cause their creature to move faster, and have a bigger mouth with which to eat more organisms.

The PS3 version also features multiplayer action for up to 4 people. Other players can join in at any time and will be the same type of creature as the first player. With the addition of the add-on pack available, each player joining in has the ability to choose what creature they wish to be.

Another great game for the price!

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I assume you didn't go for the trophies, did you? Well, maybe you did because you have 11 platinums... Then again, your Completion is 39,6%. Let me just click on your PSN card.


AHA! I knew you didn't go for the trophies! You only have 3/14. Well, if you're going for the trophies, this game is NOT relaxing at all! I've never been a fan of the SIXAXIS controls, in fact, I dislike games that force you to play with them. I can understand that for people that don't collect trophies, this game is relaxing :) Maybe I can enjoy the game now I've got 100% too ;) The fact remains that it forces you to use SIXAXIS.

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