Stage 1: Play Through the Game, Collect all of the Al Bhed Primers

For this first step, just enjoy this magnificent RPG. This game is fairly linear, so theres no real way to get lost, but there are a few sidequests and areas here and there. When clearing the Cloister of Trials, try to get the Destruction Sphere items on the first try through, if you don't no need to fret as you can revisit temples (aside from Bevelle, but the DS Item there is mandatory to obtain) once you get the Airship.

The only thing you want to make sure to do on your playthrough is to get all the Al Bhed Primers. While most of them can be gotten at any point of the game, there are 4 in particular that can be missed as you can only access the areas they're at once, so refer to Gold Master Linguist on where the Primers are located and which ones are the ones you must make sure to get in your first run.

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 1

Stage 2: Getting all the Aeons, Celestial Weapons, Maxing out Sphere Grid, Etc.

This step will be the most time consuming. This is essentially where you will earn the rest of the trophies in the game. What will take the most time here will be maxing out the Sphere Grid for all your characters, but there are some methods that will speed that up, refer to Gold Perfect Sphere Master on how to use this method.

Some of these trophies will probably be earned during your normal playthrough, but if you haven't earned them yet take the time to work towards them now. Refer to their respective trophy sections on how to obtain these trophies.

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 2

Stage 3: Watch Eternal Calm

After clearing every other trophy, go and watch the Eternal Calm video. It's a 15-20 minute video which ties FFX and FFX-2 together. Alternatively if you're already familiar with the FFX Story, you can do this step first before actually starting the main game to earn this easy silver trophy.

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 3

Tips & Strategies

Several Tips for this guide that might help make things a little easier in the general playthrough:
  • The trophy list for the PS3 & Vita is shared, so no doubling up on trophies.
  • This game features Cross-Save, so if you have both versions of the game, you can save your game on one console, save it to the cloud and then load it on the other console and continue the game from that save point.
  • This game features a quick reset, so if you don't want to load out all the way to the main menu and then load the game again simply press R1 + L2 + Right Analog + R2 + Start on PS3, or R1 + L2 + Start on Vita. This will take you to the main menu for the game itself, so you can reload your game quickly from the last save point if needed.
Obtain all available trophies
Very Rare
Speaking in Tongues
Find 1 Al Bhed Primer
This trophy is earned as soon as you gain your first Al Bhed Primer. The first one you will come across is towards the beginning of the game when you're on the Al Bhed boat, on the right side of where the Save Point is at.

While you could theoretically go through the game without picking up ANY Al Bhed Primers, this trophy is NOT missable as you will be given one automatically when you arrive at the item shop at the Mi'ihen Highroad.
Win a blitzball match
This will pop upon winning your first Blitzball match. Your first opportunity to earn this will be during the Blitzball torunament in Luca against the Luca Goers.

The Goers are a pretty tough team for your first match, but this was my "method" of beating them if you will:
  • Press Triangle once the match starts, and switch from Auto to Manual A that way you can control the character with the ball on your team, rather than the AI controlling them.
  • Pass the ball frequently, especially if not near any of the Goers so you can avoid needing to try to break through them.
  • First the first 3/4 of the match Tidus will be your main scorer, so try to get the ball to him and make sure he's close to the goalie so as to have the highest chance of scoring.
  • When you get to halftime during the first half of the match, make sure to switch Tidus' Sphere Shot skill with the Jecht Shot (provided you've learned it).
  • Provided you have Jecht Shot and Tidus has over 120HP, it is almost a guaranteed goal provided you get close enough. If you have someone blocking you, the Jecht Shot will knock out 1 blocker, so if one person is in your way you won't need to worry about breaking through them, the Jecht Shot will take care of that.
  • In the final 1/4 of the match Tidus will switch out with Wakka. Wakka will be your main scorer for the last 5 minutes, make sure to get him close and use Venom Shot, you should be able to score that way.
The Right Thing
Clear the Besaid Cloister of Trials
This is earned upon clearing the Besaid Cloister of Trials.

Be sure to optain the Destruction Sphere item (Rod of Wisdom) as it will be needed later for the Bronze Feel the Pain trophy.
A Talent for Acquisition
Steal successfully with Rikku 200 times
This trophy is easy enough. As it says in the description, simply use Rikku and have her use Steal, successfully, 200 times. You can start working towards this trophy as soon as Rikku joins your party just after your trip over the Moonflow.
All Together
All party members come together
This trophy is earned when you get to the Moonflow, shorty after Rikku joins the party.
View the "Underwater Date" scene
This trophy will be earned at the  second visit to the Macalania Woods, after defeating Seymour Natus at the Bevelle Highbridge.
Show Off!
Win a blitzball tournament
This trophy is pretty self explanatory, win a Blitzball Tournament. Simply select Tournament, if its not available exit the menu and try again until it is. A tournament consists of 3 matches. Simply win all 3 matches and you'll will the tournament, and earn this trophy. You will need to play a tournament at least twice for Wakka's Attack Reels and Aurochs's Reels.
See Silver Blitzball Master.
Learn the Jecht shot
As the description says, you will earn this upon learning the Jecht Shot. The earliest spot in the game you can learn it will be on the boat from Kilika to Luca. Walk up to the Blitzball on the deck of the ship and it will initiate a little minigame in with you have to hit the D-Pad + Cross in specific directions of where messages appear, for example if the message appears at the bottom of the screen Down + Cross. Upon succesfully clearing the minigame the trophy will pop while Tidus is performing the Jecht Shot, if you fail you'll see the ball hit him in the chest and fall to the ground.

Make sure to make a save on the boat, before attempting the shot so if you fail you can simply reload the save. If you continue with the game and you failed to learn the Jecht Shot, it can still be learned. Simply return to Luca after clearing the Djose Temple, and board the boat to Kilika. Walk up to the blitzball on the deck and attempt again. This can be repeated during each trip back and forth until you clear the minigame.
Chocobo License
Pass all chocobo training
This can be done upon arriving in the Calm Lands. Firstly you need to find the chocobo trainer, the first time you reach the Calm Lands she should be on her Chocobo in the Northwest corner, speak to her and she will ask you if you want to train a chocobo. After you have 4 different events to complete.

Wobbly Chocobo 

This one all you simply have to do is ride the chocobo to the end and finish between the trainer and her chocobo, it sounds easier then it looks, the chocobo has a mind of its own and likes to stray from course, all you have to do is keep it in a straight line to get a good time. The time you need to do this in is 12.8 seconds.

Dodger Chocobo

This exercise will be the same as the last one but this time the chocobo will go in a straight line and you will have to dodge a set of oncoming blitzballs, the balls will come in sets of 3, the best way to do it is to weave in and out of the balls, you will need a time of 16.8 or under to complete.

Hyper Dodger Chocobo

This exercise is rather similar to the dodger chocobo, but this time you will have to dodge incoming balls and birds after, this is a little trickier then the last one, but you re given a little bit more time, to complete this you will need to finish in 18.5 seconds.

Catcher Chocobo

This is the final exercise before you get the trophy, for this one you need to race the chocobo trainer and get a better time then she did. Through the race you will see red balloons, these balloons knock 3 seconds off your time, and if you get hit by a bird it will add 3 seconds to your time. The best way to beat this race is to collect as many balloons as possible but at the same time avoid the birds, if you have a choice of collecting a balloon but you might get hit by a bird, forget that balloon altogether, as not only does it add 3 seconds on if you get hit by a bird, it will slow you normal time down aswell.

After you have completed the Wobbly Chocobo challenge you will be able to ride the chocobo across the Calm Lands for free, you will find the trainer just south of the Travel Agency if you teleport to the Calm Lands via the airship. Also after you have completed all 4 challenges you will recieve the trophy.
Overcoming the Past
Defeat Yunalesca
You will encounter Yunalesca in the final area of Zanarkand. Be sure you're prepared as she has 3 forms, each powerful in their own right with different attack styles. You also don't get any rest inbetween forms so keep yourself healed. This is one of the most annoying boss fights in the game as she can cast alot of status effects including zombie, make sure you have brought some Holy Water with you. The easiest way to defeat her is to get all overdrives for every character and summons prior to the battle, then go into the fight and use as many aeons overdrives as possible. Also beware of when Yunalesca switches from her 2nd form to her 3rd, as she will use Mega Death which could effectively end the game for you, the best way to counter this is to make sure one of your characters have zombie on them as it will not kill them.
The Destination of Hatred
Defeat Seymour Omnis
Over the course of the game you will fight Seymour 4 times. It is on the 4th and final time, when you get Inside Sin where you will fight him as Seymour Omnis. If you took the time to level up some of your characters before heading in to Sin you should have no problem with him, I would advise getting Yojimbo, Anima and the Magus Sisters before fighting him, this will make the battle a whole lot easier for yourself.
Lightning Dancer
Dodge 200 lightning strikes and obtain the reward
This is one of the tougher trophies in the game, anyone who's played the PS2 version knows how annoying this is. This can be earned as soon as you enter the Thunder Plains. Once you reach this area randomly the screen will flash white, as soon as this happens press Cross and you should dodge the lightning bolt. Rinse and repeat a total of 200 times and you will unlock a chest at the Thunder Plains Agency, upon opening the chest will you be awarded with the trophy. It is highly recommended that you wait until you have a piece of equipment that has 'No Encounter' skill attached to it, as being caught in a fight during the middle of a bolt can screw up your dodge and force you to try again.

A few things to note:
  • This must be done in one single try, so prepare to set aside some time to earn this trophy.
  • You cannot save, leave, and reload your save later on as how many bolts you've dodged won't be recorded. Again, must be done in a single try!
  • Vita users, will have an easier time earning this trophy as if you're getting tired or need a break from dodging bolts, you can put the Vita to sleep mode and continue later on.
  • Having 'No Encounters' will help as you won't be interrupted by random battles!

Lightning Dancer Video Guide

Credit to Kheapathic for the video.
Feel the Pain
Obtain Anima
Obtaining Anima requires a few things: Obtaining the 6 items gained via the Destruction Spheres in the Cloister of Trials, and the Airship so you can travel back to the Baaj Temple.

It is recommended that you obtain the item upon going through each Trial for the first time, so as to reduce additional backtracking. If by chance you happen to miss obtaining the DS Item, you can revisit the temples later in the game upon obtaining the Airship.

Refer to the guide below for a guide on how to clear the Trials as well as obtaining the Destruction Sphere items.

It's All About the Money
Obtain Yojimbo
You will earn this trophy up recieving the Aeon, Yojimbo. He can be found upon leaving the Calm Lands, but before Mt. Gagazet. When leaving the Calm Lands you will cross a bridge (if this is your first time in the area there will be a boss fight, nothing too hard), upon crossing instead of continuing forward, go the the right and you will see a path that takes you West under the bridge into a new area. In the new area you should be a cave with a Save Sphere by the entrance, this is the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, enter it.

Once you enter, just continue on towards the back of the cave fighting fiends along the way. As you get towards the end there will be some cutscenes regarding Lulu and her previous Summoner, you will then get into a fight with Yojimbo. Provided you have a decent Defense stat, he shouldn't be too dificult to deal with, just take care of when he gets his Overdrive. Have Yuna summon an Aeon to take the attack. Other than that he's easy to deal with. After dealing with Yojimbo, get on the teleporter and have it take you north, this will take you to Yojimbo's Fayth.

**Before you begin negotiating Yojimbo's price, he will ask you how you plan to use his power. This will effect how Yojimbo uses his attacks and how often he will use Zanmato, especially towards the end game and bosses. Even if you don't plan on using him often it's best to answer with the response, "To defeat the most powerful enemies."**

After answering his question, he will then ask you to "pay for his services" in order to join you. You can negotiate a price, but take note he can refuse you if he feels its not enough. His first quote will be 250,000 gil, now you can choose to pay that price and be done with it, or attempt to negotiate it to a lower price. The best way to go about this is to offer him half his asking price plus 1 gil, 125,001 gil for examble. This will get him to counter with a slightly slower price. Simply continue and he will lower, but if you don't take it by the 3rd offer you will have to renegotiate all over.

Once you finally find a price you're willing to pay, simply pay it and you will have Yojimbo and this nice trophy as your reward!
Delta Attack!
Obtain Magus Sisters
The Magus Sisters will be the final Aeon you obtain in the game. A few things are required in order to get them:
  1. All other Aeons. (refer to Bronze Feel the Pain, and Bronze It's All about the Money on how to get Anima and Yojimbo)
  2. Flower Scepter
  3. Blossom Crown​

Getting the all the other Aeons will be pretty easy to do, and can be found in the other sections of this trophy guide, so lets tell you how to get the other 2 items, starting with the Blossom Crown.

Blossom Crown

The Blossom Crown can be found in the Monster Arena in the Calm Lands. If you haven't opened the Monster Arena yet, go do that first by capturing at least 1 of every fiend in the Calm Lands. Once you've opened the Monster Arena, then go and capture at least 1 of every fiend in Mt. Gagazet. After doing so, talk to the attendant and he will reward you with the Blossom Crown.

Calm Land Fiends

Mt Gagazet Fiends

Flower Scepter

Also located in the Calm Lands, the Flower Scepter will be in Remiem Temple which can only be accessed via Chocobo (refer to Bronze Chocobo License on how to ride Chocobos in the Calm Lands). Once you get to Remiem Temple, enter it. You'll meet up with Belgemine again and you can challenge her to Aeon battles yet again. Defeat her first 5 Aeons and upon defeating her Bahamut she will reward you with the Flower Scepter.

Now that you have both items and you are still inside Remiem Temple, we can get the Magus Sisters quick. Look over behind Belgemine and you should see a door with a 3-part Barrier blocking it. By having all other Aeons, the Flower Scepter, and the Blossom Crown you'll be able to remove the Barrier blocking the door and enter the Chamber of the Fayth. You will recieve the Magus Sister and this trophy (as well as the Silver Summon Master trophy)!
Theater Enthusiast
Buy every sphere at the Luca Theater
This trophy can be gained upon gaining access to "inside sin" and will cost a total of 426,000 gil. After gaining access to Sin, you can proceed back to Luca via Airship. Once in Luca head over to the Theater, located north on the pathway between the Blitzball Stadium and towards the Mi'ihen Highroad. Once there, there should be 2 NPCs that are selling spheres, one sells Movie Spheres and the other sells Music Spheres. Simply buy all the Spheres, 50 Movie and 68 Music, then talk to the attendant and he'll sell you an additional 3 Music Spheres (total should be 71 then). The trophy will pop upon having all the spheres.
Chocobo Rider
Win a race with a catcher chocobo with a total time of 0:0:0
This can be a particularly frustrating trophy to get. Once you have completed all other chocobo exercises in the Calm Lands (Bronze Chocobo License) talk to the Chocobo Trainer again and repeat the 4th exercise and win the race with a time of 0:00:00.

The challenge in this, is that this trophy is partly luck-based, and the other reflexes and skill. Spread across the race path are balloons, each one taking off 3 seconds from your time, but also randomly appearing on the track are birds that fly around. Being hit by one adds 3 seconds to your time. So you'll need to be getting all the balloons you can, while dodging birds, and beat the Chocobo Trainer in the race. You will need roughly about 12-14 balloons depending on how quick you did it and to dodge every bird. If you manage to do this, you should have a time of 0:00:00 and will be awarded with this trophy and the Sun Sigil.

Catcher Chocobo 0:0:0 Time

Credit to moonlshadow80 for the video.
Power Strike
Do 9999 damage or more in a single attack
This trophy is pretty easy to achieve, and could almost be considered Unmissable. There are many different ways of getting this trophy, mostly involving Overdrives.

I got this trophy shortly after entering the Thunder Plains for the first time. Once I entered a battle (Iron Giant iirc), I inflicted Armor Break with Auron, and then had Yuna use her Overdrive, Grand Summon, and summon Valefor. I think had Valefor use Engery Blast (his 2nd Overdrive) and it Overkilled with 9999 damage and earned me this trophy.
Under the Table
Spend 100,000 gil or more in bribes
Once you have had someone learn the skill, Bribe, simply have them use it in battle and spend 100,000 gil. It can be 100,000 gil over time, or in just 1 shot, I would wait until you come across a fiend that is worth bribing and not just chuck 100,000 gil away on nothing to get the trophy.

Some fiends will give you items when you bribe them with a certain amount:


Chocobo wings x60 - 360,000 gil,
These will allow you to customise your armour with the auto-haste ability although you need 80.

Ultima Weapon

Pendulum x99 - 1,400,000 gil
These will allow you to customize your weapons/armour with the ability Master Thief and Pickpocket, 2 really good abilities to have.


Wings to Discovery x4 - 560,000 gil
These will allow you to put triple AP on your weapons and Break HP limit on your armour, although you will need alot more then just 4.

Sand Worm

Winning Formula x 15 - 900,000 gil
These will allow your to have triple overdrive on your weapons.
Messenger from the Past
Obtain all Jecht Spheres
You can start collecting Jecht Sphere after you defeat the Spherimorph boss in Macalania Woods. The spheres show cutscenes which give a nice backstory into the Pilgrimage of Braska (Yuna's father) and his 2 Guardians, Auron and Jecht. There are 10 Spheres in total you will need to collect. Also obtaining a certain number of Spheres will also unlock more Overdrives for Auron.

Auron's Overdrives

  • Shooting Star - Collect 1 Jecht Sphere
  • Banishing Blade - Collect 3 Jecht Spheres
  • Tornado - Collect all 10 Jecht Spheres

Jecht Sphere Locations

  1. Macalania Woods - Recieved after beat Spherimorph
  2. Besaid Village - To the right of the Temple. Be prepared to fight Dark Valefor before entering the village.
  3. S.S. Liki (Ship from Besaid to Kilika) - Bridge of the ship
  4. Luca - Hallway outside of the locker room on the right
  5. Mi'ihen Highroad - All the way in the Southern end of the Old Road next to the chest that contains the Mars Crest
  6. Mushroom Rock Road - Precipice - South of the elevator that leads to the Command Center
  7. Moonflow - South area by the Save Sphere
  8. Thunder Plains - Right side of the southern half
  9. Macalania Woods - South area by the Save Sphere near the entrance
  10. Mt. Gagazet - After encountering the Ronso on the next area there will be a small path that leads to this sphere
Mega Strike
Deal 99999 damage with one attack
The best way to go about this one requires several things. Having Max or close to max Strength and/or Magic; Celestial Weapons, fully powered as they all have the Break Damage Limit ability which is needed. Tidus, Khimari, Rikku, or Wakka's preferably as theirs also have abilities that increase damage the more HP you have.

After that simply fight a weak enemies, or an enemy that is suspectable to Armor Break. From there just have at it, if you have an Overdrive use it to do the most damage. This may take awhile to get, but just keep going at it and you should get it eventually.
Chocobo Master
Get 5 treasure chests during the Chocobo Race at Remiem Temple and win the race
This race is done from the entrance to Remiem Temple in the Calm Lands. To get this trophy you will need to get all 5 chests during the race and win. This can be a little difficult as the controls are a little stiff at times, make sure to stay in the middle of the lanes and not touching the walls as it can slow you down.


  1. Stay on the current path and grab Chest 1, you will jump down the ledge.
  2. Turn onto the ramp on your immediate right, then turn around and grab the Chest 2. You will jump down the ledge.
  3. Head up the ramp on your right and go straight and grab Cheat 3, you will jump down the ledge again.
  4. Run straight and grab Chest 4, you'll jump up a small gap.
  5. Run straight and up 1 of the 2 ramps on your right, it'll turn you around but once up the ramp you should be going in the direction you originally were, grab Chest 5 at the end. You'll jump over near the end area of the race.
  6. From here run left and down the path to finish the race. You should be ahead of the other Chocobo, so continue on and you should win the race and be awared with your brand new trophy.

Here is a picture of the best strategy to get all 5 boxes and finish the race in 1st place. Be sure not to hit any of the poles on the way to the finish line for the best prize also, and for other items, try finishing the race wit just 1 box, 2 boxes, 3 boxes and 4 boxes.
Sphere Master
Complete a Sphere Grid for one character
This is earned by completely filling in a single character's Sphere Grid. This is going to be a bit of a grind as you have to not only activate every single node on the grid, you have to fill in empty nodes and activate those as well. Take a look at Gold Perfect Sphere Master on tips for gaining AP levels really quickly to make the grind go by faster.
Blitzball Master
Unlock all slot reels
This trophy is gained upon getting all of Wakka's Overdrives, called Reels. He starts with Element Reels, but the other 3 are gained by playing Blitzball. It is suggested you wait until you have the Airship as you can then go get the best Blitzball players, thus making this easier to obtain.

Attack Reels

This will appear as a first place prize for the Tournament. There is no requirements for this reels so it should pop up at your first time of trying a tournament, if it does not appear then exit reload the save and try again. This will shuffle the prizes, just continue until Attack Reels appear first. Once it does start the tournament and win the 3 matches to get it (and Bronze Show Off! if this is your first tournament).

Status Reels

This will appear as the first place prize in the League option, after getting Attack Reels and also competing in 250+ battles with Wakka. Like with Tournaments, it's possible to cycle the prizes. To do so choose the Reset Data option at the bottom of the League menu, however be aware that doing this will reset your players levels (some back to below 3) and they won't have access to their abilities (Jecht Shot for Tidus for example). If you wait till getting the Airship, you can get better players and possibly overpower the other teams, even with your players at low levels. Now winning a League doesn't require you to winn all your matches. The team with the most points after 10 matches is the League winner. Winning a Blitzball match will give you 3 points, while losing gives you none, however if you manage a tie you'll be given 1 point.

Auroch Reels

This will appear as a first place prize in Tournaments. It will only appear if you have Status and Attack reels, and also competed in 450+ battles with Wakka. If it does not appear as a first places prize for a tournament it is most likely that you have not competed in 450+ battles with Wakka, so go do some battles and come back later. But if you are certain that you have the requirements then reload your save and try again. After winning the tournament you will recieve Auroch Reels and the trophy will pop.

For a tip, the best thing to do is to get Wakka's attack reels as soon as blitzball comes available as it will be useful throughout the game. If you get Wedge, Zev Ronso and Jumal from Luca this will make it much easier. And then you should leave the other 2 until you recieve the airship and have access to every blitzball player in Spira. A couple of decent players that I used were Blappa (Al Bhed Psyches), Wedge (Luca Stadium), Zev Ronso (Luca), Brother (Airship), Nimrook (Al Bhed Psyches) and Tidus.
Learn to use all enemy abilities
This trophy requires the use of our resident Ronso, Khimari. He is essentially the game's Blue Mage as he has the ability to learn enemy skills and use those skills as Overdrives. In order to learn an Enemy Skill, you must use the skill, Lancet, on the specific enemy of the skill you want to learn. There are 12 skills total, Khimari starts with 1 already (Jump) and learns the 2nd as part of his Tutorial (Seed Cannon). Below is the list of skills, and what enemy or enemies you learn them from:​
As listed, most of Khimari's Enemy Skills can be learned during the Biran/Yenke Boss Fight, use Lancet after they do the specific skill you want to learn. Otherwise, you may also just backtrack when you have the Airship, or go to the Monster Arena and battle that specific monster for the skill after you've captured it for the Arena.
Summon Master
Obtain all Aeons
This trophy is obtained upon getting the all Aeons, as soon as you get the Magus Sisters (the last Aeon you can obtain). Of the 8 Aeons, 5 cannot be missed while the other 3 are optional.

Here is the list of Aeons and their locations:
Aeons Locations
Valefor  Besaid Temple
Ifrit Kilika Temple
Ixion  Djose Temple
Shiva Macalania Temple
Bahamut  Bevelle Temple
Yojimbo Cavern of the Stolen Faith (Refer to Bronze It's All About the Money, on how to obtain him)
Anima  Baaj Temple (Refer to Bronze Feel the Pain, on how to obtain him)
Magus Sisters Remiem Temple (Refer to Bronze Delta Attack!, on how to obtain them)
Weapon Master
Obtain all Celestial Weapons
To earn this trophy you simply need to obtain all the Celestial Weapons, you don't need to gain them and power them up with their respective Sigils and Crests. Now in order to get the Celestial Weapons a certain item is required.

Obtaining the Celestial Mirror

  1. Your first task in obtaining the Celestial Mirror can be done upon arriving to the Calm Lands. You will have had to have gained the privelge to ride Chocobo's, in order to do this you will need to speak to the Chocobo Trainer and clear all 4 of her trials. (Refer to Bronze Chocobo License for tips on the trials).
  2. Upon gaining the right to ride Chocobos, proceed to the Remiem Temple, and simply win the Chocobo race. Upon winning you will recieve the Cloudy Mirror. You need not worry about getting all the chests during the race but doing so will earn you the Silver Chocobo Master trophy.
  3. Once you have the Cloudy Mirror head on over to the Macalania Woods, in the southern exit you will find a woman and her child. Talk to the woman and she will inform you that she was supposed to meet her husband but he has yet to arrive. Proceed East for 2 screens, then North to find a Man wandering around. Talk to his and tell him where his wife and child are at. Backtrack over to where the woman and child were and then speak with the Woman and her Husband, you will find out that now the child has run off. Take to Celestial Walkway upwards and approch the large sphere, onion thing and speak with the child. Answer his question and his parents will come get him. After they leave, approach the sphere, onion thing and the Cloudy Mirror will become the Celestial Mirror!
  4. Now that you have the Celestial Mirror you can go get the Celestial Weapons!​


The Caladbolg/Sun Crest/Sun Sigil
Found in the Calm Lands in a small path along the northern edge. There may be a woman blocking the path, she will stop blocking the path once you challenge to the Chobo Ttrainer to a race and win, upon she will react with shock that the trainer lost. Upon going down the path, examine the symbol on the wall and you will recieve the Caladbolg.
Sun Crest
Found in Zanarkand, after defeating Yunalesca (refer to Bronze Overcoming the Past). Before leaving the room after defeating her, go down the steps in the back area of the room, then up the stairs to the left. You will find a chest there, open the chest to recieve the Sun Crest. If you've missed this after defeating Yunalesca, you can return here after recieving the Airship but will have to face Dark Bahamut to get to it.
Sun Sigil
Obtained by challenging the Chocobo Trainer to a race and winning with a time of 0:00:00 (refer to Bronze Chocobo Rider)
Nirvana/Moon Crest/Moon Sigil
Found in the Monster Arena. Simply capture one of every type of Fiend in the Calm Lands then speak to the attendant. Upon doing so a chest will appear containing the Nirvana.
Moon Crest
Obtained in the beginning of the game. Upon waking up on Besaid Beach, before talking to Wakka, go into the water and head East and you will find another piece of land with a chest that contains the Moon Crest. If you've missed this, simply return to the beach after gaining the Airship.
Moon Sigil 
The first thing is to have gained all of Yuna's Aeons (Silver Summon Master). Afterwards go to Remiem Temple and challenge Belgemine and defeat all of her Aeons. Upon defeating her final Aeon (The Magus Sisters), she will ask a favor of you. Agree to her favor and she will give you the Moon Sigil.
World Champion/Jupiter Crest/Jupiter Sigil
World Champion
Obtained in Luca after you have won a tournament in Blitzball. Simplygo to the Cafe and speak to the woman at the counter and she will ask to see the Celestial Mirror, simply click yes and you will get the World Champion.
Jupiter Crest
Found in the locker room in Luca any time after the party departs for the Mi'ihen Highroad so return upon entering the Mi'ihen Highroad, or you can come back for it later on in the game when you have obtained the Airship.
Jupiter Sigil 
Will randomly appear as a prize in a Blitzball league anytime after you have obtained all of Wakka's overdrives. This could appear at any time so be prepared to be playing quite a bit, or very few matches of Blitzball, all depends on your luck.
Spirit Lance/Saturn Crest/Saturn Sigil
Spirit Lance
Obtained in the Thunder Plains, Firstly you have to activate the three Qactuar stones, once they have been activated you will begin to see a ghostly Qactuar, so begin following the ghost Qactuar to the broken lightning tower and then hit the Square button to send a bolt of lightning down and a chest containing the Spirit Lance will appear.
Saturn Crest
Found at the top of Mount Gagazet just after you fight Seymour Flux there should be a passageway with 8 or so pillars in between them pillars is a chest containing the Crest.
Saturn Sigil 
Obtainable in Macalania Woods. You have to complete the Butterfly Hunt minigame, this consists of 2 sequences, one in each area. The challenge consists of catching all the blue butterflies in the area in time alloted without catching any of the red ones. This has to be done after you have obtained the airship, if you try do it before it will just give you lesser items.


Onion Knight/Venus Crest/Venus Sigil
Onion Knight
Found after you have obtained the airship. To unlock Baaj Temple you must imput the co-ordinates "12,57" into the airship, travel there and you will come to a point where you have previously visited right at the beginning of the game. Jump into the water and you will have a boss battle to fight (the monster you had previously ran away from) after it has been defeated at the bottom of the lake there is a box containing the Onion Knight. (This is also where you get Anima)
Venus Crest
Found at the farplane in Guadosalam after Lord Gyscal has been sent, this can be obtained fairly early in the game but is no real use to you until later.
Venus Sigil 
For this one you have to go to the Thunder Plains and dodge 200 lightning bolts (Bronze Lightning Dancer) in a row without getting hit. The best way for this i have found is to head to Guadosalam in the airship, then go through to the Thunder Plains from here and as soon as you arrive take a right turning and run up and down there with no encounters on. You will get a pattern of lightning bolts and you will know exactly when they are coming. This normally takes in the region of about half an hour to do and stings your eyes as your scared to blink haha.
Godhand/Mercury Crest/Mercury Sigil
Obtained after you recieve the Airship, go to Brother and type in "GODHAND" in as a Password. Then go to the location and there will be a box containing the Godhand.
Mercury Crest
Found in a shifting sand pit in the final area of Bikanel Desert.
Mercury Sigil 
Complete the Cactuar sidequest on Bikanel Island. Firstly in the final area of Bikanel there is a sand hill with a stone with a picture of a cactuar engraved on it. Examining it will give you a rhyme and one by one ten Cactuars will appear across Bikanel Desert. You must find each and every one of them and then play a game of "Red light, Green light". Win or lose you will recieve a Cactuar stone in which u must take back to the stone and place it on it, the next Cactuar will then appear. Here is a list of the Cactuars and there locations across the desert.
  1. Tomay - Oasis, to the right of the save sphere.
  2. Rovivea - Sanubia-East, running around a treasure sphere in the northwestern alcove.
  3. Chava - Sanubia-West, read the signpost that advertises a "20% off sale". The Cactuar will then appear.
  4. Alek - Sanubia-Central, running back and forth in the northwestern ruins.
  5. Aloja - See #4
  6. Valchella - Sanubia-East, touch the save sphere in the tent, the Cactuar will then appear.
  7. Robeya - Sanubia-Central, inside a treaure chest in the southwest corner.
  8. Issra - Sanubia-West, in a sand pit, you must leave the area after delivering the cactuar sphere for Robeya and the enter again for Isrra to appear.
  9. Elio - Oasis, the cactuar will use the save sphere to teleport to the airship, you must use teleport to the airship and go out onto top deck to find the Cactuar.
  10. Flaile - Sanubia-West, appears behind you after you have taken all of the other 9 spheres and placed them into the stone.
Masamune/Mars Crest/Mars Sigil
Obtained by you must first gettting the rusty sword, which can be found at the end of the little path to the right hand side of the Cavern of The Stolen Fayth. Next you must go to the entrance to Mushroom Rock Road (being careful not to run into the Magus Sisters) and carry on through the north-eastern passage and it will lead to a rising platform where there will be a statue of Lord Mi'ihen, placing the sword in the statue will reveal a glyph and will in turn reveal the location of the Masamune.
Mars Crest
Found on the Mi'ihen highroad. In the final area you will come across a long series of passages leading to the south-east, at the end of the road is a chest which contains the Mars Crest. (A Jecht Sphere being blocked by a Dark Aeon will appear here after clearing Zanarkand)
Mars Sigil 
Obtained from the owner of the monster arena. First you must capture one of every monster in 10 different locations. The best way to do this would be to start from Besaid and work your way along as these areas do not have many species in them.
Master Linguist
Find all 26 Al Bhed Primers
This is obtained upon getting your last Al Bhed Primer. There are 26 Primers, each one conresponding to 1 letter in the Al Bhed language, and once you have them all you will be able to read Al Bhed speak in the game. 4 of the 26 Primers ARE missable so be sure to obtain them when you get to their respective locations as to not have to do a second playthrough.

If by chance you happen to miss any of them and have to make a 2nd playthrough, be sure to make it as a seperate save. That way when you come across an Al Bhed Sphere, you can load your first save and sync any Primers you've obtained on that save, thus reducing the ones you still need to get. Here are a list of the Primers and their locations, the missable ones are in bold text:
Primer Location
Al Bhed  Salvage Ship (If missed here it can be found in the Bikanel Desert)
Besaid Village  Crusader's Lodge
S.S. Liki  Power Room ( If missed here it can be found in the Bikanel Desert)
Kilika  Tavern
S.S. Winno  Bridge (If missed here can be found in the Bikanel Desert)
Luca Stadiium Basement B
Luca Theater  Reception
Mi'ihen Highroad  Automatically given by Rin
Mi'ihen Highroad New Road, North End
Mushroom Rock Road  Precipice
Djose Highroad  
Moonflow  North Wharf
Guadosalam  House
Thunder Plains  Agency (Tell Rin your studies are going well and he will give it to you, otherwise it can be found in the Bikanel Desert)
Macalania Woods Lake Road
Lake Macalania Agency Front
Sanubia Desert  Central
Sanubia Desert  Central
Al Bhed Home  
Al Bhed Home  Living Quarters
Al Bhed Home Main Corridor
Bevelle Temple Priests' Passage (Can only be obtained immediately after the Wedding Scene)
The Calm Lands Central
Remiem Temple  
The Calm Lands  Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Omega Ruins    

Al Bhed Primer Locations

Credit to PrimalLIQUID for the video.
Perfect Sphere Master
Complete the Sphere Grids for all main characters
Prepare for quite the grind. This trophy will take the most time in order to achieve. You will need to fill out EVERY SINGLE NODE for EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER! As you get further in the game and be able to set abilities onto equipment, skills such as 2x/3x AP and Overdrive > AP will help in leveling up faster. There are several methods one can use in order to expedite this even more, this is the most preferred method to level up quickly. Tested back on PS2, this method is still the best way of going about leveling quickly.

Don Tonberry Method

*This method will be available to do earlier than any other method available in the game. Using this method it is quite possible to earn 99 S. Levels in a single battle*

Step 1

Capture 1 of every fiend in the entire game.

Step 2

Unlock the One-eye, Don Tonberry, and Kottos In the monster arena. For One-eye you will need to catch 4 of each floating eye (Mi'ihen Highroad), Buer (Thunder Plains), Evil Eye (Macalania Lake), Ahriman (Mt Gagazet or Zanarkand) and Floating Death (Omega Ruins). Kottos and Don Tonberry should be unlocked if you followed step 1

Step 3

Fight the One-eye in the species creation and get a triple AP weapon with 3 overall slots for every character. This will take some time but you will get 99 Magic Defense spheres in the process.

Step 4

If you followed step 1 you should have 99 doorway to tomorrows, this item will allow you to customise your weapons with Overdrive -> AP. Now customize all of the triple AP weapons with Overdrive -> AP.

Step 5

Head to the Omega Ruins and fight the mimic as many times as you can be bothered to do, you will need to raise a good 5 million gil to get the best results with the don tonberry, if you equip rikku with her celestial weapon and make sure she is in the front line every battle with the mimic the you will receive 100,000 gil per battle.

Step 6

If you speak to rin on the airship he will have armour with Defense +10% and 3 other slots on it, buy one of these for every character, now go back to the omega ruins and bribe the Machea for Chocobo Wings x60, This will allow you to customize an armour with auto-haste, you will need 80 of them for each armour so you may need to do it a good few times. Now customize all of the armours with auto-haste, this will cost a good 2,500,000 gil. You should already have 99 chocobo wings to start with if you completed step 1.

Step 7

Now you must capture four of every bird in the game, there are only 3, Condor (Besaid), Simurgh (Djose Highroad) and Alcyone (Bikanel Island) after you have done this the attendant will give you 99 mega-phoenix, now customise everyone's armour with auto-phoenix, you will more then likely have to bribe some more, if you do, go to the monster arena and fight the ghost in the Sunken Cave and bribe him for 200,000 gil for 40 of them. Now customise all of the armour with auto-pheonix.

Step 8

Now if you done step 1 you should have spoken to the attendant at the arena and he should have rewarded you with 99 winning formulas, this will allow you to customize the weapons with triple overdrive, it takes 30 winning formulas to get triple overdrive so you will be able to customize 3 characters weapons with triple overdrive. Now if you bribe the Sand worm in bikanel for 900,000 gil you will get around 15 winning formula, I recommend doing this 4 times to get 60 of them and customising another 2 weapons with triple overdrive. Now for the other 2 characters if you speak to rin after you have collected all 26 al bhed primers he will reward you with 99 underdog secrets, these allow you to cusomise weapons with double overdrive, customise the last 2 characters weapons with this. i would recommend giving the 2 characters with the most fiend kills double overdrive for the best efficiency, so either give Tidus and Auron double overdrive or if you used Kimahri or Wakka alot use one of those instead of Auron.

After the first  steps you should have all characters with weapons with Triple AP, Overdrive -> AP and Double/Triple overdrive. And every character with an armour with auto-haste and auto-phoenix. Make sure you do not have Break Hp Limit on any of the armours or you will not get as much AP every battle and takes a lot longer to level up this way, so only have armour with JUST Auto-Haste and Auto-Phoenix on them.

Step 9

Make sure all of your characters have learnt the overdrive mode "Comrade".

Step 10

Now you are ready to fight the Don Tonberry, have the character that has killed the most fiends (more then likely Tidus) in the frontline with the overdrive ability "Stoic" and the other 2 have set as "Comrade". Now keep attacking the Tonberry and after you have attacked it it will counter attack with "karma". This will more then likely kill the party member but if you have auto-phoenix and plenty of phoenix downs you have nothing to worry about. You should get plenty of moves in before the Tonberry has taken a step towards you, Once he gets too close and no longer does "karma" just flee from the battle. At the end depending on how much damage the Tonberry delt you should get in the region of 1 million to 2 million AP. if you want to get more you can boost how many fiends the characters have killed by going to Mi'ihen Highroad or somewhere with weak fiends and just start killing everything.

Step 11

Now that you have access to unlimited Sphere Levels, the next part is to start filling in the sphere grid, you will need plenty of Power, Mana, Speed and Ability spheres here so buy about 40-50 distillers from the attendant at the Calm Lands. Now to get 40 spheres at a time fight "Kottos" in the arena creation and throw a distiller at it, kill it and at the end you should receive 40, if you only get 2 just try again, just means you got Dark Matter instead of Healing Springs.

Step 12

Now fill in the whole sphere grid using step 10 and 11, this should take a good 5-10 hours to do.

Step 13

Once you have completed the whole sphere grid you will have to go back through it and fill in the empty nodes with HP, Strength, Defence, Magic, Magic Defense, MP, Agility, Luck, Evasion and Accuracy spheres. Almost every monster you unlock in the Species Conquest will drop one of these, here is a list of which monster drops which sphere.

You have to get an overkill to receive 2 of these as a drop, if you just kill it normally you will only receive 1.

Step 14

Once you have lots of these spheres head into the sphere grid and take a character through each persons line filling in all the empty nodes, this will also take a while as there are roughly 200-250 empty nodes in the sphere grid, but will not take that long at all as 1 sphere level lets you move 4 spaces if you already have a line going across it. If you run out of moves with a character just fight the Don Tonberry again and if you run out of spheres just fight Kottos again. Good luck.

Once you have a few of these rinse and repeat the last 4 steps until you have filled in every sphere in the entire Sphere grid to unlock Gold Perfect Sphere Master and Silver Sphere Master. This is by far the longest trophy in the game so beware for a grind.

FFX Don Tonberry Trick

Credit to boogerthe2nd for the video.
Defeat Penance
Awarded for defeating the Superboss, Penance. This is the most powerful boss in the game and was added for the International version of the game back during its PS2 release. In order to fight him, you will need  to have defeated all the Dark Aeons in the game. They are available to fight upon gaining the Airship. Be sure to save before fighting them as they're all powerful in their own right and can defeat you easily if you aren't careful. It is recommended that you have maxed stats and a Luck stat of 120+ before fighting any of the Dark Aeons or Penance.

Dark Aeon Locations

**Note** All Dark Aeons will drop random equipment when defeated. Most will contain useful Abilities such as Ribbon and may have up to 3 other empty slots. This is especially helpful with Dark Yojimbo as the player can exit and enter the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth and fight Dark Yojimbo as many times as they wish, as long as they do not defeat him for the fifth time in a consecutive order. Doing so will allow easy Dark Matters, Master Spheres (Master Spheres are a rare drop, so Dark Yojimbo will not drop them often), Ribbons and/or Break HP Limit every time he is defeated. The player doesn't need to leave the cave as it is enough to merely enter the blitzball menu in a Save Sphere. The player can use the Save Sphere between battles to heal up, but if the player gets a Game Over, they have to start again from the first battle with Dark Yojimbo, so the player always has to fight the five battles in row, even if they save between battles.**

Upon defeating the Dark Aeons a new location will appear in the Airship travel list, this will take you to Penance. Now they're 2 ways to go about defeating Penance:
  1. The Easy, yet costly method
  2. Straight up fighting him

Easy Method

Summon Yojimbo with Grand Summon and pay him a buttload of money. He should use Zanmato, killing Penance in a single strike.

Duking it out

As stated earlier, Penance is a Superboss, the most powerful enemy in the game. He has around 12,000,000 HP, and taking that number down will be slow going because your main focus will be destroying his 2 arms, which can regenerate and have powerful attack of their own if you aren't careful.

Penance's Left Arm has 500,000HP and can use a powerful melee attack; Can cast Slowga; and can cast Mega Graviton, which takes about 7/16th of your HP as well as inflicting you with Sleep, Condemn, Silence, Slow, and Darkness. Penance's Right Arm has 500,000HP and can also use a powerful melee attack, which also inflicts Petrify; Calamity, which inflicts Poison, Darkness, Curse, Silence, and Full Break; Can also cast Mighty Guard.

Penance itself has 2 attacks which it uses depending on its current HP, or if both arms are active. From the 12,000,000-9,000,000 HP range it will use Obliteration which does around the range of ~23,000 HP, it is considered a Physical attack so can be reduced by using Protect, Def +XX% Abilities equipped to armor, and Cheer. Also while its in this HP range it will have Auto-Protect so any kind of physical damage will be reduced however Celestial Weapons can ignore this and still get maximum damage done.

Once it drops below 9,000,000 HP it will undergo a form change and gain Haste so be sure to dispel it as soon as you can. The main attack it will be using in this form will be Immolation which takes a good chunk out of your HP, drains all MP of a single target, and inflicts Armor and Mental Break. Heal the character immediately, then dispel the breaks so they don't get K.Oed if they get attacked again next. Using a Three Stars item will be useful as it will reduce all MP use to 0, so you can still continue to use skills even with 0 MP.

Now while there is no set preperation to fighting him, having Break HP Limit for your characters will make a big difference in ending the battle quicker. If by chance you don't have this skill, you'll need to make sure you use Cheer 5xs in effect, as well as having Protect and Def +20% on your armor or surviving Immolation is not going to happen. Having Auto-Hatse is also a must have as Penance is a fast enemy to battle, and without it you will end up getting way behind as the battle goes on. Recommended skills to have on your armor with the exception of Break HP Limit are: Auto-Haste, Auto-Potion, Auto-Protect, Def +20%. For Weapons: Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Strength/Magic +20%, One MP Cost.

When actually fighting Penance, make sure that you don't give the arms a chance to attack. Due to having 500,000 HP they'll take at least 5 hits to take down. You don't want the arms to regenerate at the same time, so make sure to give yourself sometime between destroying each arm. ALWAYS USE QUICK HIT! I cannot stress this enough! If you don't, you'll find yourself not getting as many turns and will start falling way behind and killed. As Quick Hit costs 37 MP per use, this is why using Three Stars will help.

This fight WILL take some time, on average of ~40 minutes, but as long as you're prepared and have the proper set up, it shouldn't be too hard. Keep on slamming him and don't lose focus or stutter and he'll go down in no time.
Overcoming the Nemesis
Defeat Nemesis
For players of the original US PS2 release, this was once the most powerful boss in the game (before Penance in the JP and EU versions). However, do not underestimate him, Nemesis is still powerful in his own right. He can be battled in the Monster Arena, but you must do the following first:
  1. Capture 10 of every fiend in Spira.
  2. Defeat the Species Conquest, Area Conquest, and Original Creation fiends.

After doing that, speak with the attendant and then Nemesis will be unlock in the Original Creation section. He's a pretty tough boss and it's recommended you have Max stats. Just keep yourself healed and dispel any status effects and he shouldn't be too tough to deal with....... Or you can just summon Yojimbo and give him plenty of money to use Zanmato and end it there.
The Eternal Calm
Defeat Yu Yevon
Yu Yevon is the final boss of the game and really isn't a hard fight to do. If you have every other trophy before fighting him like I did, you should be able to beat him in just a few hits. Finish him off to earn the trophy.
A Journey's Catalyst
View "Eternal Calm"
When loading the game, on the main menu you will be presented with several options. The second option will be "Final Fantasy X - Eternal Calm", simply select that and watch the 15-20 minute video that acts as the lead-in from FFX to FFX-2. Once the video gets towards the end you will be awarded with this easy trophy.