Stage 1: Exploring and Completing the Game

The general idea of this stage will be to explore everywhere, complete all sidequests and collect every chest you come across, since it'll all be required in the end. Several trophies involve collecting things like Treasures, Beastiary (Defeating enemies), Fish, Beads, Brush Techniques, etc.

Its recommended that you do everything as soon as you can so you have enough money, Demon Fangs, and praise to get upgrades that will make the journey easier as you go along. While you don't need to purchase weapons, you will need to purchase God Techniques for Bronze Teach an Old Dog New Tricks, so make sure to save up money for this purpose. Make sure to keep a good stock, a dozen or so, of each type of animal food at all times so you can get praise right away as you come across animals. When in battle, try to do a "Flower Finish" on all enemies you can to gain Demon Fangs. The Imps you face early on in the game will be the easiest to do this on; refer to Gold Barking Up the Cherry Tree on how to do these finishes.

Feel free to take your time and explore at your will. Anything you still need to do, or collect, can be done before the final boss. Right before the final boss you will be warned that you are at 'The Point of No Return' and asked if you want to continue.

There are four trophies however, that can be missed so refer to their respective sections to plan accordingly:
  • Bronze From Imps to Demons - For this trophy, you must complete your bestiary (beating one of each type of enemy in the game). This can be missed because there is one single enemy that only appears in a certain area, which becomes unavailable after you finish it.
  • Bronze No Furball on the Menu - The requirements for this trophy occur almost midway through the game, after the sunken ship. It is a certain action you need to do at that certain point of the game.
  • Gold Leave No Chest Unopened - For this trophy, there is a single Stray Bead (#1) that can be missed in the game. It is the first one you come across, though, and it's pretty hard to miss; it is found inside the River of the Heavens area you go through at the start of the story. If you miss it, you can come back to get it later for most of the game before that area is closed.
  • Gold Barking Up the Cherry Tree - This trophy requires you to finish the game with less than 5 deaths, combined with acquiring lots of praise, money, fangs and enemy kills. If you're doing everything in the game, your only worry will be dying 5 times, which can make you miss the trophy.
Top Dog
Acquire all trophies.
Learn how to use Rejuvenation.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Earned at the beginning of the game as soon as you learn the brush technique, Rejuvination.
Learn how to use Power Slash.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Earned shortly after Bronze Yomigami once you come across where you learn the Power Slash brush technique.
A Village for a Peach
Return Kamiki Village back to normal.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Earned after restoring the sapling, saving Kamiki Village.
Descending Descendant
Meet Susano.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Earned shortly after meeting the drunkard, Susano.
Learn how to use Bloom.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
After leaving Kamiki village, you will head out to Shinsu Field, head North and the trophy will pop after you arrive at Hana Valley.
Enemy in the Gates
Defeat enemies inside of a Devil Gate.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Devil Gates will be found all throughout the world, simply enter them to start one. You will begin a series of battles against various monsters, simply win all the rounds to clear a gate. Clear one to earn this trophy (will need to do, at least, one as part of the story).
Learn how to use Cherry Bomb.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
While traversing Shinshu Field, you will need to go to Tama the pyrotechnist's house at night and talk to him. You'll eventually have to draw a bomb shape to learn the ability; you will earn the trophy shortly after.
Learn how to use Water Lily.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
When you return to Kamiki Village, bloom all 15 trees of the area and talk to Mr. Orange at the top of the village. Assist him in making the sapling blossom. You'll eventually learn a new Brush Technique and the trophy will pop shortly.
Let's Rock, Baby!
Fight Waka.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
After you first enter Agata Forest, find and bloom the sapling. You will meet Waka and be required to fight him. He is pretty easy to beat, use Power Slash when he attempts to strike you to turn it back on him.
Learn how to use Vine.
In Tsuta Ruins you will come accross a circular room with three patches of dead grass to bloom. Bloom them and you'll earn this ability along with earning the trophy.
Big Ol' Flower
Exterminate the Spider Queen.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
At the end of Tsuta Ruins, you'll face this boss. She is pretty easy and all you need to do is circle around her attaching, at least, three flying Konohana Blossoms to the hooks on her back using the Vine brush technique; this will make her stagger and open up, revealing her weak spots. Just hit them a couple of times (use Power Slash to hit all of them at once) and she will be easily taken care of.
Imp Exorcist
Defeat the imps that possessed Princess Fuse.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
When you first reach Kusa Village, you won't be able to use your brush abilities because of a dark fog throughout the area. Run up the village to the higher part and you'll find Princess Fuse possessed by enemies. Dispatch them and you'll earn this trophy.
Learn how to use Watersprout.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Complete the first digging mini-game in Sasa Sanctuary and you'll spot a new constellation; connect the stars in the correct order to earn this ability along with the trophy.
Learn how to use Crescent.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
When looking for the missing dogs, you will head over to Agata Forest and help Kokari fish again. After catching the Whopper, you'll get the Crescent ability - a really useful skill which turns day into night at your desire.
Learn how to use Galestorm.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Inside the Gale Shrine, you'll eventually make it to the top of the windmill. Simply draw in the opposite direction the wind is blowing to clear the area and earn this ability and trophy.
One Mean Dude
Defeat the Crimson Helm.
At the end of the Gale Shrine, you'll face Crimson Helm. He shouldn't be a big challenge at all. Just hit his armor enough to make it fall and expose his flaming body. At this point you will use Galestorm to clear it of the flames and pound away until he is as good as dead.
To the Moon, Ammy!
Enter the Moon Cave.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
After returning to Kamiki Village, you'll watch several cutscenes. Afterwards, you'll finally be able to enter the Moon Cave in Shinsu Field to face Orochi. As soon as you enter, this trophy is granted.
Learn how to use Inferno.
Story-releated, cannot be missed.
Inside the Moon Cave, you will encounter your first wheel enemies. Defeat them and you will see a new constellation, connect the stars and earn this ability and the trophy.
Serpent Breath
Defeat Orochi.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
At the end of the long Moon Cave dungeon you'll face its boss, Orochi. Although it can be a long battle, it shouldn't be difficult at all. Each of his heads uses a single  element but, they all repeat the same pattern: they use their specific attack and then roar. When they roar all you need to do is use your brush to draw a line connecting the pool of sake below to open their mouth.

First you will need to use the sake twice on three different heads, enough to make them dizzy. With this done the whole boss will collapse, so run up one of the heads and hit the bell with all you've got, hopefully destroying it right away. When the bell is done just rinse and repeat, but this time just one dose will be enough to make a head fall and expose it to your attacks. Kill each of the eight heads in this manner and you'll beat the boss and earn the trophy.
No Furball on the Menu
Make your way to shore without being swallowed by the Water Dragon.
MissableTime Limited
You will get ONE SHOT at this trophy. If you fail, simply load a prevous save or you'll have to just start the whole game over.

Right after you complete the Sunken Ship in Ryoshima Coast and get the Lucky Mallet item, you will be chased by the Water Dragon. To easily escape, make a lily pad on the water; use it to double jump followed by a headbutt to get as far as you can towards the shore. Rinse and repeat. Upon making it to shore, away from the dragon, the trophy will pop.
Learn how to use Veil of Mist.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
After being shrunk and going through the Imperial Palace, you'll eventually come across Kasugami and get the Veil of Mist ability - which is able to slow down time - along with this trophy.
Dominate the Indomitable
Defeat Blight.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
At the Imperial Palace, you'll eventually descend into the bowels of the emperor. At the end of it is the boss, Blight. Again he shouldn't be hard at all to dispose. Just wait until he is spinning his swords and Power Slash the blue one; using Veil of Mist to slow it down will help. It will fall and all you need to do is hit it to damage the boss until he is defeated.
Learn how to use Catwalk.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
You will be required to go to Catcall tower on North Ryoshima Coast. When you reach the tower, you'll notice the tower has paw-marks on certain sections that you can climb on; do so until you reach the very top and feed the single cat along the way. You will reveal Kabegami  and earn the Catwalk ability and trophy.
Dragonian Dilemma
Meet Otohime.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Near the entrance of North Ryoshima Coast, you'll find a cat statue that you can use with Catwalk to reach a higher area called Watcher's Cape. Speak to the guy named Watcher - who says he wanted to see a shooting star. Draw him a star in the sky (a mere dot). This will make a galaxy show up in the sky, so walk up to the edge and use Galestorm on it three times. This will open up the entrance to the Dragon Palace. Once you make it inside, you'll talk to Otohime and earn this trophy.
Defeat Evil Rao.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
After retrieving the Fox Rods from the Water Dragon, follow Rao up to Ankoku Temple and through the hole in the wall. You'll eventually reach queen Himiko's room in the city and fight this boss. She is somewhat similar to Blight and should be beaten pretty easily with your current abilities.
Learn how to use Thunderstorm.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
As you navigate through Oni Island, you'll come to an outside door with a big tiger statue with a bow on his back. Draw an "arrow" on his bow and you'll unlock the trophy, as well as gain a new Brush Technique.
RIP Tobi
Win the final race against Tobi.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Throughout Oni Island you'll by guided by a paper ghost named Tobi. You'll have to race him several times throughout the island. You'll earn the trophy shortly after beating him one last time in a race.
Fox-Headed Wench
Defeat Ninetails.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Ninetails is the boss at Oni Island and is pretty easy to deal with. Just wait until it raises a big sword to the sky and connect a lightning bolt to it which will shock the boss. This will cause 8 small enemies to appear, each one representing a tail. Simply defeat all of them and the last one will return to a now one-tailed weakened boss. Just pound away and you'll be done.
True Serpent Breath
Defeat True Orochi.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
After arriving in the land of Kamui, you will eventually need to go to Yoshpet Forest and enter the Spirit Gate. It will take you to Kamiki Village in the past (during the time of Nagi and Shiranui). You'll go to the Moon Cave, once again, and fight the Orochi in his prime. Refer to Silver Serpent Breath on how to deal with him, as it is the same method.
Learn how to use Blizzard.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
This will be at Wawku Shrine after you solve a puzzle with three wheels. Fill the constellation, earn the final Brush Technique ability and unlock the trophy.
Twin Birdbrains
Defeat the twin demons, Lechku and Nechku.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
At the end of Wawku Shrine you'll first face Nechku by itself and eventually both Nechku and Lechku together. Just keep your distance and shoot their projectiles back at them (hitting them with thunder) and you'll see this battle is easily taken care of.
Board the Ark of Yamato.
Story-related, cannot be missed.
The Ark of Yamato will be revealed at the middle of Lake Naochi at the end of the game. Entering it will be the point of no return. After you do it, there is no coming back to do any sidequests that you have missed. Be sure to be ready before you go in. This trophy is awarded as soon as you do.
The Dark Lord
Defeat Yami.
Yami is the last boss of the game and if you've done just about everything, you will be more than prepared to deal with him.

It has five different forms and you'll be recovering all of your 13 brush techniques as you fight it. The goal is always to hit the little worm that is in its core. As you get your powers back, it starts getting easier and easier to do that. Just remember to use rejuvenation on the broken holes in the ground (as soon as you get it) to make easier on you in the battle. Beating the fifth and final form (the hand) you'll finish the game and earn this trophy.
Grab Life by the Leash
Increase your Solar Energy, Ink Pot, and Astral Pouch levels to maximum capacity.
The description listed for the trophy is a bit misleading. In addition to maxing out Solar Energy, Ink Pot and the Astral Pouch, you will also need to upgrade your Coin Purse to the maximum. Collecting all the Sun Fragments and filling your health to 20 pieces is not required for the trophy, so collecting those is up to you.

If you have done all the jobs, and have rejuvenated everything you have come across, then you should have enough praise to purchase everything by the end of the game. Digging up and blooming all the clovers you see, and also feeding all the animals you come across, will get you a good amount of praise as well.
No More Fish in the Sea
Complete your Fish Tome.
In order to complete your Fish Tome you'll need to fish in, at least, 3 of the 4 locations available. These will unlock as you progress through the game. Some fish can only be found in one place and some even have a specific time of the day for showing up. To get the trophy, you'll need to fish, at least, one of each type of fish in the game. Selling them afterwards will not affect earning the trophy.

The fishing locations are as follows:
  • Agata Forest - You'll fish here to advance the main storyline. You can fish freely here with Kokari after clearing the Tsuka Ruins. He will leave this spot after the festival in Kamiki Village however, all the fish in this spot can also be caught in the other locations.
  • Sei-an City (Aristocratic Quarter) - You'll fish here to advance the main storyline. You can fish here with Benkei. After you help him out in the drawbridge, he will move to nearby the Mermaid Spring in the Aristocratic Quarter.
  • North Ryoshima Coast - In order to fish in this spot, you need to buy a 'Marlin Rod' over at the city's shop. Meet the guy named Fisherman in the southwestern-most island of the coast and use Orca to arrive there if the Dragon is still around. He'll take your Marlin Rod and you'll need to fish a Marlin fish for the restaurant on shore. Upon deliverly, he'll be free to fish again.
  • Kamui - To fish here you'll only need to bloom the Sapling in the area. You'll then encounter Kokari from Agata Forest nearby the dojo (southeast).

Now for the list of fish, from the Okami Wikia:
  1. River Crab - Small (1 slash) - Agata, Sei-an - Day & Night
  2. Crawfish - Medium (1 slash) - Agata, Sei-an - Day & Night
  3. Black Bass - Medium (1 slash) - Sei-an - Day or night
  4. Killifish - Small (1 slash) - Agata, Sei-an - Day & Night
  5. Smelt - Small (1 slash) - Sei-an - Day & Night
  6. Goby - Medium (1 slash) - Agata, Sei-an - Day & Night
  7. Sweetfish - Medium (1 slash) - Agata, Sei-an - Day & Night
  8. Trout - Medium (1 slash) - Agata, Sei-an - Day & Night
  9. Catfish - Large (2 slashes) - Agata, Sei-an - Night Only
  10. Loach - Small (1 slash) - Sei-an - Night Only
  11. Freshwater Eel - Medium (1 slash) - Sei-an - Night Only
  12. Huchen - Large (3 slashes) - Agata, Sei-an - Day & Night
  13. Robalo - Medium (2 slashes) - Sei-an - Night Only
  14. Koi - Medium (2 slashes) - Sei-an - Day & Night
  15. Salmon - Large (2 slashes) - Agata, Sei-an - Day Only
  16. Sturgeon - Large (3 slashes) - Sei-an - Day Only
  17. Giant Catfish - Large (3 slashes) - Sei-an - Night Only
  18. Mountain Trout - Large (3 slashes) - Agata, Sei-an - Day Only
  19. Cutlass Fish - Large (3 slashes) - Sei-an -Day & Night (Story-related, 1 per playthrough)
  20. Giant Salmon - Large (1 slash) - Agata - Day & Night (Story-related, 1 per playthrough)
  21. Whopper - Large (2 slashes) - Agata - Day & Night (Story-related, 1 per playthrough)
  22. Starfish - Small (1 slash) - N. Ryoshima - Day & Night
  23. Moray - Medium (2 slashes) - N. Ryoshima - Day & Night
  24. Loggerhead Tutle - Large (2 slashes) - N. Ryoshima - Day Only
  25. Sunfish - Large (3 slashes) - N. Ryoshima - Day & Night
  26. Nautilus - Medium (1 slash) - N. Ryoshima, Kamui - Night Only
  27. Clownfish - Small (1 slash) - N. Ryoshima - Day & Night
  28. Scallop - Small (1 slash) - Kamui - Day & Night
  29. Sea Horse - Small (1 slash) - Kamui - Day & Night
  30. Blowfish - Small (1 slash) - N. Ryoshima, Kamui -Day & Night
  31. Monkfish - Medium (2 slashes) - Kamui - Night Only
  32. Octopus - Medium (1 slash) - Kamui - Day & Night
  33. Yellowtail - Medium (2 slashes) - Kamui - Day & Night
  34. Flying Fish - Small (1 slash) - Kamui - Night Only
  35. Squid - Medium (1 slash) - Kamui - Day & Night
  36. Bonito - Medium (2 slashes) - N. Ryoshima - Night Only
  37. Red Snapper - Medium (1 slash) - N. Ryoshima - Day & Night
  38. Lobster - Medium (1 slash) - N. Ryoshima - Night Only
  39. Striped Snapper - Medium (1 slash) - N. Ryoshima - Day Only
  40. Supreme Tuna - Large (3 slashes) - Kamui - Day Only
  41. Manta - Large (3 slashes) - N. Ryoshima - Day Only
  42. Oarfish - Large (3 slashes) - Kamui - Day & Night
  43. Marlin - Large (3 slashes) - N. Ryoshima, Kamui - Night Only
Have Guides Will Travel
Complete your Travel Guide.
In order to get this trophy, you'll have to unlock all the secret brush techniques.

Below is the list of travel guides as well as their locations.
  1. Travel Tips - You get this automatically when you start the game.
  2. Greenspout Tips - In Hana Valley, after learning Bloom, bloom the cursed grass near the bridge to make it appear.
  3. Digging Tips - After blooming the Guardian Sapling in Hana Valley, go back and fight the demons at the campfire again. The guide is on the island that appears.
  4. Fleeing Battle - It appears in front of the Guardian Sapling in Shinshu Field after you bloom the sapling.
  5. Feeding - In Shinshu Field, it's located beside the sign at the entrance to Agata Forest.
  6. Legend of Orochi - In Shinshu Field, it's right in front of Tama's house.
  7. Enhancing Weapons - In Agata Forest, it's right in front of the Tsuta Ruins entrance.
  8. Battle Tips - It's right beside Kiba, the demon fang merchant, in Agata Forest on the path towards Taka Pass.
  9. Enhancing Divinity - Right after entering Tsuta Ruins, it's in a chest opposite the save mirror.
  10. Godhood Tips - In Tsuta, it's on the steps leading up to the boss chamber.
  11. Ink Bullet Tips - In Agata Forest, you'll find it right after crossing the log near the exit to Taka Pass.
  12. Brush Tips - In the Gale Shrine (in the room with the windmills and rotating platform), it's right on the edge of the west path after you turn the platform.
  13. Mother Tree - In the City Checkpoint, there's a staircase to the left, right before crossing the bridge. The travel guide is under the staircase.
  14. Land of the Gods - In Sei-An City, it's the chest on the right in Priestess Rao's room.
  15. Celestial Envoy - In Ryoshima Coast, inside the Sunken Ship. It's among the many chests that you find in the first large room.
  16. Veil of Mist Tech - It appears immediately after getting the Fog Pot from the Emperor in Sei-An City for 80 Demon Fangs.
  17. Holy Artifacts - In the Queen's palace in Sei-An City, it's right before the lava room after going up the elevator.
  18. Northern Land - In the area of the Queen's palace, there are two side rooms that branch off of the main building. It's inside the room on the right.
  19. Inferno Tech - It appears immediately after learning Fireburst from Che Yama in Sei-An City.
  20. Mark of Kabegami - On Catcall Island in North Ryoshima Coast, it's at the base of the tower.
  21. Galestorm Tech - It appears immediately after learning Whirlwind from Chef Umi in North Ryoshima Coast. You'll need to help the fisherman catch a Marlin and deliver it to the Chef.
  22. Powerslash 2 - It appears immediately after learning Powerslash 2 from the Divine Spring in North Ryoshima Coast. Costs 60,000 yen.
  23. Cherry Bomb 2 - It appears immediately after learning Cherry Bomb 2 from the Divine Spring in North Ryoshima Coast. Costs 120,000 yen.
  24. Waterspout Tech 1 - It appears immediately after learning Fountain in the Dragon Palace.
  25. Waterspout Tech 2 - It appears immediately after learning Deluge in Sei-An City. Go around the palace of the queen and link the four stones with the water to obtain it.
  26. Thunderstorm Tech - It appears immediately after learning Thunderbolt from Gen in Sei-An City. He is located in the tall building in Aristocratic Quarter west. You'll need to use the cat statue to climb.
  27. Another Civilization - In Ezofuji, it's right beside the save mirror that's next to the praying altar.
  28. Cherry Bomb 3 - It appears immediately after learning Cherry Bomb 3 from the Divine Spring in Kamui. Costs 300,000 yen.
  29. Tribe of the Moon - In Kamui, there is a cave on the west side of the map, near the small bridge. The guide is on a small platform inside the cave.
  30. Powerslash 3 - It appears immediately after learning Powerslash 3 from the Divine Spring in Ezofuji. Costs 360,000 yen.
Give a Dog All the Bones
Complete your Treasure Tome.
To earn this trophy you will need to have obtained, at least, 1 of every treasure in the game. Selling them afterwards does not affect gaining the trophy and some you will find more than once.

Here is a list of general locations:
  • Rabbit Statue - In Kamiki Village, slash one of the underwater chests in the creek near the small bridge to get the statue.
  • Rat Statue - In Shinshu Field, it's inside a cave in front of Tama's house.
  • Tiger Statue - It's located in Taka Pass. After you go through the tunnel near the entrance and come out on the upper level, head forward and look up to find a Konohana Blossom. Use Vine on it and on all the subsequent blossoms.
  • Dragon Statue - In the City Checkpoint, after you get the bridge down, go to the middle of the bridge and use Vine on the Konohana Blossom above you. Continue to use Vine on the blossoms that follow.
  • Monkey Statue - It's inside the Sunken Ship in Ryoshima Coast. After you connect the barrel to the hooks in the room with the giant hand, stand on the barrel and jump up to the ledge above you to find the statue.
  • Rooster Statue - In Sei-An City, after clearing the mist, the statue is in a chest behind where the Emperor is sitting.
  • Sheep Statue - In Sei-An City's Aristocratic Quarter. Right after you go past the two guards guarding the palace, turn right. The statue is in a buried chest under the tree.
  • Horse Statue - It's behind Waka's floating headquarter in Sei-An City. To reach it, use waterspout on the pool in the southeast of the Commoner's Quarter.
  • Boar Statue - It's in North Ryoshima Coast, in a hidden underground cave near the pool of golden water on the east side of the mainland. Drop down the ledge with the pool on the east side.
  • Cat Statue - It's found on Catcall Tower in North Ryoshima Coast. It's on the final small protruding platform (the one with all 8 red marks).
  • Dog Statue - It's on Watcher's Cape (the raised up plateau on the mainland that is only accessible by using the Catwalk skill) in North Ryoshima Coast. The statue is buried in the circular center area. It's in the middle of 3 small shrubs.
  • Snake Statue - In Ryoshima Coast, it's between the two mountains that are tied with a rope out at sea.
  • Bull Statue - In Agata Forest, it's buried right in front of the entrance to the Tsuta Ruins. The Digging Champ dojo skill is required.
  • Amber Tassels - It's in a buried chest in Kamui. The chest is located just a few steps south of the Mermaid Spring.
  • Amethyst Tassels - In Kamui, follow the frozen river all the way to the north end. You will find a ledge with some cranes and the treasure.
  • Jade Tassels - In a buried chest in Wep'keer. Right after entering the village, turn to the right. The chest is near the rabbits and the snowman.
  • Cat's Eye Tassels - In Yoshpet Forest, take the very first wrong path that you come across (a "wrong path" meaning that the path splits left and right and you take the path that the arrow sign isn't pointing to).
  • Agate Tassels - In Ponc'Tan, near the entrance. There's a small platform to the right that you can either Vine or make a sprinting double jump.
  • Turquoise Tassels - In the second half of Ponc'tan, it's the very first chest hat you come across.
  • Ruby Tassels - In Wawku Shrine. In the very first room with the two cannons, there are two buried chests where the cannons are/were. The one on the right contains the treasure.
  • Sapphire Tassels - In Wawku Shrine, after climbing the large room with the elevator shaft and going past the room with the fast spinning gears, you'll be outside. Here, just melt the frozen chest to get the treasure.
  • Emerald Tassels - In Wawku Shrine, after the outside area with a lot of cannons, there's a room with a bunch of red hot spinning wheels. Here, there's a small platform on the left that contains the treasure.
Sniff 'Em Out
Defeat all monsters on the Wanted List.
Throughout the game you'll find four characters that will each give you a list with 5 names of monsters you have to defeat in a certain area. Each enemy will have a name that you must then cross off the wanted list once you beat it. They all appear only at night and appear as normal enemy Scrolls.

Kepp in mind that as long as you don't leave the area, the Scrolls won't respawn, not even if it turns to day, meaning that if you just go beating every enemy in the area, eventually you'll come across the marked monsters. After beating all 20 enemies, and crossing their names off the list, you'll earn this trophy. Their Demon Scroll locations will always be the same, though who you encounter will be random.

Here's a list of where to find them:

Shinshu Field: As soon as you leave Kamiki village, you can talk to Mika in the house right next to the entrance to the Moon Cave to get this list:
  • Just outside the house where you get this list, you'll fight him automatically.
  • Near the south end of the Guardian Sapling.
  • Nearby the Nameless Man house, on the west side of the river.
  • Behind the Nameless Man kiln, on the east side of the river.
  • Near Tama's house, the pyrotechnist.

Taka Pass: At Kusa Village, go inside the inn. It is the big building right in the middle of the village, with the path going upwards behind it. In the second floor, you'll find a small door at the end of the hallway; headbutt to hear a girl send you away. Leave the inn and come back and this girl, Haruka, will be in the room to the right. Talk to her and get the list:
  • Right beside Bingo, near the entrance to City Checkpoint.
  • Southwest of the Cutters, near the bridge leading to western Taka Pass.
  • Near the cave leading to the Guardian Sapling, also near the tea master and merchant.
  • On the other side of the cave, near the beginning of the path leading to the Guardian Sapling. Also near some horses.
  • Northwest from the tea master and merchant, near some tigers.

Ryoshima Coast: You get this wanted list at Sei-an city. Go to the restaurant at night (north of commoner quarters) and talk to the drunk man on the right.
  • Close to the Animal Lover, on the north (Sei-an) side.
  • Along the beach. It's about where the beach sticks out most toward to the sunken ship.
  • Right in front of the Ankoku Temple Bell.
  • Somewhat near the Guardian Sapling. It's also near some cows and a spider cave entrance.
  • Very near the Ryoshima Coast entrance.

Kamui: The last wanted list is given to you by Wali in Kamui. You can find him inside his house at about the middle of the area, on the west side.
  • At the south, near the entrance of the area.
  • Near the small island where Blockhead Grande resides. A little east of it.
  • North of the merchant, on the path.
  • Near the northern edge of the map, on ice. It's east of the path leading up to Wep'keer.
  • On the path to Yoshpet, to the northeast.
Leave No Chest Unopened
Collect all Stray Beads.
There are 100 Stray Beads to be found in the game, with 1 of them only being awarded when you finish the story. These are the main collectibles of the game and you will usually be rewarded with one for a side quest or a hard-to-get chest. In order to get the 100th Bead, you need to have the remaining 99; after which, you will get the 100th after the credits.
Note: This trophy is missable, as one bead (the first) is located in an area that can only be accessed before a certain point in the game. The bead can be located in the River of Heaven in the beginning of the game and should be really easy to find.
All Creatures Great and Small
Complete your Animal Tome.
To obtain the trophy, all you need to do is feed each animal once. It isn't nesseccary to feed them all to 100% but, getting all the extra praise is a nice bonus. Each animal has their preferred food type. Once you feed the last one, the trophy will pop.

Below you'll find the locations of each species:
  • Sparrow - Kamiki Village, Shinshu Field, Agata Forest, Taka Pass, Kusa Village, Sasa Sanctuary
  • Chicken - Kamiki Village, Kusa Village
  • Dog - Kamiki Village, Agata Forest, Taka Pass, Kusa Village, Sasa Sancutary, Ryoshima Coast, North Ryoshima Coast, Spirit Gate
  • Hare - Kamiki Village, Shinshu Field, Agata Forest, Sasa Sanctuary, Ryoshima Coast, North Ryoshima Coast, Kamui, Wep'keer, Ponc'tan
  • Boar - Hana Valley, Shinshu Field, Dragon Palace, Ponc'tan
  • Boar Piglet - Hana Valley, Shinshu Field, Taka Pass, City Checkpoint, Ryoshima Coast, Dragon Palace, Ponc'tan
  • Monkey - Hana Valley, Agata Forest, Taka Pass, Kusa Village, Ryoshima Coast, Ezofuji
  • Pig - Shinshu Field, Kusa Village, Ryoshima Coast, North Ryoshima Coast
  • Deer - Agata Forest, Taka Pass, Ponc'tan
  • Nightingale - Agata Forest, Taka Pass, City Checkpoint, and Ryoshima Coast
  • Fox - Taka Pass, Ryoshima Coast, North Ryoshima Coast,Kamui
  • Raccoon - Kusa Village, City Checkpoint, Ezofuji
  • Horse - Shinshu Field, Taka Pass, City Checkpoint, Ryoshima Coast
  • Tiger - Taka Pass, Sasa Sanctuary, North Ryoshima Coast
  • Mouse - Sasa Sactuary, Gale Shrine
  • Cat - Ryoshima Coast, North Ryoshima Coast, and Catcall Tower
  • Cow - Ryoshima Coast, North Ryoshima Coast
  • Bear - Kamui, Wep'keer, Ezofuji
  • Sheep - Kamui and Wep'keer
  • Crane - Kamui and Wep'keer
Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
Learn all god techniques to fill up your Technique Scroll.
God techniques are obtained at the 3 dojos located around Nippon. Save up a good amount of your Yen, as you will be spending over 2.5 million yen on all techniques (mainly because of one). Each dojo introduces new techniques to be learned while retaining the ones from the previous, so you can always just use the last dojo for everything.

The first dojo is located on Shinshu Field, right outside of Kamiki Village. This is the only one available from the beginning of the game. The second dojo can be found on an island in Ryoshima Coast and is available as soon as you get access to the coast and Sei-an City. Look for it just off the shore across from the city entrance. The third and final dojo is in Kamui and is also available as soon as you first enter the area. Look for it in the southeast of the map, past the fishing spot.

Below is a list of the techniques and their cost:

Shinshu Field
  • Fleetfoot, costs 10,000 Yen
  • 4 Winds, costs 5,000 Yen
  • Spirit Storm, costs 7,000 Yen
  • Golden Fury, costs 100,000 Yen

Ryoshima Coast
  • Holy Eagle, costs 20,000 Yen
  • Digging Champ, costs 30,000 Yen
  • Wailing Mirror, costs 40,000 Yen
  • 5 Winds, costs 20,000 Yen
  • Spirit Armageddon, costs 30,000 Yen
  • 3 Shears, costs 40,000 Yen
  • Brown Rage, costs 2,000,000 Yen

  • Hardhead, costs 10,000 Yen
  • Counter Dodge, costs 30,000 Yen
  • Holy Falcon, costs 30,000 Yen
  • Bead String, costs 50,000 Yen
  • Sword Dance, costs 60,000 Yen
  • 4 Shears, costs 50,000 Yen
From Imps to Demons
Complete your Bestiary.
To obtain this trophy, you will need to fight - and defeat - every enemy, at least, once. This trophy is missable solely because of one enemy; the Fire Doom Mirror. It can only be found at the Imperial Palace mission, where you are the size of a bug trying to get to the Emperor. After obtaining the Veil of Mist technique, you'll soon reach the inside of the building where the Emperor is sleeping. On the floor of this area, before you enter his body, there will be a couple of Demon Scrolls; the Fire Doom Mirror can be found in one.

The Clay Flyer, if missed at its original area, can also be found in another area AFTER the point of no return so don't fret and pay attention to it. When you start fighting Clay enemies for the first time, just look around the Demon Scrolls in the area and find one of these to make things easier for you.

All the other enemies can be faced again - either in one of the three Devil Gate Trials or in a Demon Scroll around the land (including the non-flying Clay enemies). Therefore, I'll only list their names in the order of the bestiary, for easy comparison:
  • Green Imp
  • Red Imp
  • Yellow Imp
  • Blue Imp
  • Black Imp
  • Headless Guardian
  • Bell Guardian
  • Halo Guardian
  • Executioner Guardian
  • Namahage
  • Blade Namahage
  • Bucket Namahage
  • Umbrella Namahage
  • Cannon Namahage
  • Clay Soldier
  • Clay Samurai
  • Clay Drummer
  • Clay Flyer
  • Clay Shogun
  • Bud Ogre
  • Chimera
  • Igloo Turtle
  • Dead Fish
  • Crow Tengu
  • Ubume
  • Fire Eye
  • Ice Mouth
  • Thunder Ear
  • Earth Nose
  • Fire Doom Mirror
  • Ice Doom Mirror
  • Thunder Doom Mirror
  • Wind Doom Mirror
  • Poltergeist
  • Ichiro
  • Jiro
  • Saburo
  • Blue Cyclops
  • Great Tengu
  • Crimson Helm
  • Red Ogre
  • Blue Ogre
  • Bull Charger
  • Spider Queen
  • Bandit Spider
  • Orochi
  • True Orochi
  • Waka (w/ flute)
  • Waka (w/ swords)
  • Blight
  • Evil Rao
  • Oki
  • Nagi
  • Dogu
  • Ninetails
  • Canine Warrior Chu
  • Canine Warrior Jin
  • Canine Warrior Gi
  • Canine Warrior Tei
  • Canine Warrior Chi
  • Canine Warrior Ko
  • Canine Warrior Rei
  • Canine Warrior Shin
  • Tube Fox
  • Golden Demon Lechku
  • Silver Demon Nechku
  • Yami (red)
  • Yami (green)
  • Yami (blue)
  • Yami (yellow)
  • Yami (hand)
Barking Up the Cherry Tree
Earn a Cherry Tree rank for each item in the Total Results screen.
The Total Results screen will appear after the end credits. In order to get this trophy, the final count for your whole game has to be as follows:

Deaths: Less than 5
Praise Earned: 4,500 (or more)
Enemies Defeated: 550 (or more)
Demon Fangs: 300 (or more)
Money Gained: 4,000,000 Yen (or more)

These numbers are pretty generous actually; you, pretty much, only have to worry about the deaths and the Demon Fangs. It is also really important to note that being revived by the Astral Pouch does not count as a death. Same with drowning or failing a sequence of the game. A death will only be counted if you see the Game Over/Continue screen. You can also spend your money and praise, you just need to have earned that amount before beating Yami.

Finishing the game with less than 5 deaths may seem challenging at first but, it is actually quite doable. Most enemies don't pose a real challenge. If you play through the game upgrading Ammy and its weapons as you go, not even the last boss should kill you. Even if something does, there is always the Astral Pouch to revive you. For the few battles that could be hard (like the Devil Gate Trials) you can use a variety of tools to aid you and heal you.

Getting enough Demon Fangs should be your focus early on in the game. You should strive to get them through killing enemies with what is called a "Floral Finisher". You can perform one when you deplete an enemy's health and he starts doing his death animation in slow motion. At this time, you have to bring up your brush and use a certain technique on him before he hits the ground. This has to be fast though, as if you hit the enemy in this state with your weapon - even once - it will cancel the finisher and you'll lose the opportunity to do it. The trick is that each enemy has a different brush technique as its Floral Finisher, so you can't just finish any enemy with the most convenient technique.
Lupine and Divine
Earn a Cherry Tree rank for each item in the Results screen.
All you need to do is get Cherry Tree rank (the pink colored tree) in both Time and Damage criteria. This is pretty easy and should be impossible NOT to get.
Out of the Gate Swinging
Defeat all enemies at all three Devil Gate trial caves.
Essentially Okami's "challenge" mode. This will likely be the most challenging trophy on the road to platinum since the enemies are all much stronger than normal in this mode.

The first time you enter one of these caves, you'll have to defeat one Bandit Spider (which is just like the Spider Queen boss from Tsuta Ruins), which should be no challenge at all. However, after you do so, and re-enter the cave, a Devil Gate will appear in the middle of the area. When you go through it, you'll fight a large group of strong enemies and in large numbers. When you beat it, another Devil Gate will appear. You have to beat 10 different Devil Gates that appear in a row (without exiting the cave) in order to clear a trial.

Enemies are rasied in strength so much, you'll definitely have to make use of different items to beat them - especially the third trial. If you attempt these at the end of your game, you'll have a good amount of money; you should bring, at least, 30 of each of the best consumable items listed below to each trial. Also remember to have your weapons of preference upgraded with Gold Dust.
  • Golden Ink Pot: By far the most useful artifact in the game. Doing these trials with this is a must. It drastically increases the rate of replenishment of your Ink and you can get it for 100 Demon Fangs with the Emperor at Sei-an City, after you defeat Blight.
  • Wood Mat: This is another artifact that you equip. With it, whenever you stand still for a while Ammy will lay down and start to recover health in exchange for yen (which slowly drains). It is very useful between each Devil Gate - within a trial - to replenish all your health without using items; the yen you spend with this is negligible. You can get it for 30 Demon Fangs from the Demon Fang trader at Agata Forest or with the Emperor in Sei-an.
  • Vengeance Slips: Costs 10,000 yen and is extremely useful, since it makes you invincible for quite a generous amount of time.
  • Holy Bone M/L: Should be obvious but, don't start one of these trials without enough healing items to last you a while.
  • Steel Fist Sake: These cost 2,000 yen each. However, they pretty much double your strength for a period of time. This is really useful to have active at most times.
  • Exorcism Slip M/L: These cost 7,000/10,000 yen a piece and are great for damaging strong enemies. It creates an explosion that damages everyone, going through any defense, and also leaving the enemy exposed afterwards. Spamming these make the last Devil Gate at the third trial, with the Nagis, a cakewalk.

You can find the caves at:
  • Ryoshima Coast: On the way to the Guardian Sapling there will be a path that goes to the side and has some cows nearby, there you will find a hardened dig spot that hides the cave (you'll need the Digging Champ technique from the dojo). The trial will only appear after you go through all of the mandatory fights from the Ryoshima Coast area.
  • North Ryoshima Coast: On the western side of the map, there are three small isles (where you find the fisherman). In the middle one, there is a dig spot with the cave. The trial becomes available after beating Oni Island.
  • Kamui: At the north end of the map, climb the ramp that goes up to Wep'keer but, jump to the right before you change areas. There is a frozen area, only accessible from above, where you can blow a hole and find the cave. The trial only becomes available after beating the bosses of Wawku Shrine, Lechku and Nechku.

Below is the list of enemies in each Devil Gate of each trial, from the Okami Wiki page:

Ryoshima Coast Devil Gate Trial
  1. Green Imp x10, Red Imp x6
  2. Red Imp x7, Yellow Imp x3
  3. Dead Fish x3, Red Imp x8
  4. Bud Ogre x3, Red Imp x9
  5. Blue Imp x3, Red Imp x8
  6. Crow Tengu x3, Dead Fish x3
  7. Blue Imp x6, Chimera x3
  8. Black Imp x3, Red Imp x6
  9. Fire Eye x3, Ice Mouth x3
  10. Black Imp x10

North Ryoshima Coast Devil Gate Trial
  1. Bell Guardian x5, Headless Guardian x12
  2. Earth Nose x4, Thunder Ear x4
  3. Headless Guardian x9, Ubume x3
  4. Jiro x1, Saburo x1
  5. Ice Doom Mirror x3, Wind Doom Mirror x3
  6. Halo Guardian x9, Headless Guardian x14
  7. Poltergeist x6
  8. Blue Cyclops x5
  9. Tube Fox x12
  10. Blue Ogre x5, Red Ogre x5

Kamui Devil Gate Trial
  1. Blade Namahage x12, Umbrella Namahage x9
  2. Blade Namahage x9, Igloo Turtle x3
  3. Bull Charger x5
  4. Clay Drummer x3, Clay Samurai x14
  5. Clay Drummer x2, Clay Shogun x8
  6. Clay Samurai x12, Dogu x5
  7. Great Tengu x5
  8. Evil Rao x2, Waka x2
  9. Evil Rao x3, Waka x2
  10. Nagi x3
Who Let the Dogs Out?
Defeat the Kusa 5.
You can challenge the Kusa 5 at Gale Shrine past Kusa Village after completing Oni Island. As soon as you enter the shrine, take your first right (north) to reach an alcove with Princess Fuse and the Kusa 5.

The battle will be against all 8 canine warriors, even though not all are exactly physically present at the time. For the first wave, you will have fight against 4 of them, then 3 in the second wave and 1 in the third wave. Using a couple of Vengeance Slips, Steel Fist Sakes and a good Rosary weapon can make the battle alot easier.
Dog Eat Dog
Beat Hayabusa's turnip-digging record.
Although you don't need to complete this mini-game in your first visit to the village, you will need to complete it eventually when you are helping Kusa's village princess Fuse find her three missing dogs.

Easy enough, all you have to do is dig all 10 turnips, from the fertile soil, in the middle of the village without Mushi's mother catching you.
Diggin' It
Complete five digging mini games.
Digging minigames are the ones you start with one of five different characters throughout Nippon, that have you leading these people to the bottom of the area for them to find the "golden spot" to dig.

The first one is story related and is found at Sasa Sanctuary. You'll be helping out Mr. Bamboo.

The second one is found in Taka Pass, at the far west of the area, near City Checkpoint. You'll be helping Bingo and this one can get quite tricky. Thankfully, it is not required to beat the game. 

The third one is story related. It can be done as soon as you reach Sei-an City. You'll help the city's carpenter, Naguri. You can find him in the northwest corner of the dried-up canal.

The fourth one is also story related and you'll be helping Kaguya dig. You'll find her at the top of Sasa Sanctuary after killing Blight and releasing her from the Imperial Palace.

The last one is in the eastern room of the Dragon Palace with Big Bertha and can be done as soon as you reach the palace.
Eat My Flower Trail
Win the race against Ida and Hayate.
Ida and Hayate are the two messenger brothers running around, back and forth, Shinshu Fields and Ryoshima Coast respectively. You will need to beat each of them three times for their prizes and the trophy.

They are pretty easy to beat since all you need to do is connect a headbutt with them once the race starts. Their only way of impeding you is leaving spikes trails. Just cut corners, avoid the spikes, and be close enough for the headbutt animation to play and they'll go down easily enough. Ida gives you the Gimmick Gear item (needed for a secret brush technique) once you beat him 3 times. Hayate gives you one Stray Bead for the same accomplishment.
Dog Gone Fast
Win the race against Kai.
Different to the Ida and Hayate 'races', this one is a proper race, and can be quite unforgiving as well. To race Kai you will first need to beat the Wawku Shrine, so it is pretty late in the game. You will find her at the entrance of the Yoshpet forest in Kamui; you'll race through all three Yoshpet areas before Ponc'tan.

Ice blocks, snowballs and slippery areas will be your main concerns as you have more than enough time. There are many Evil Trees in the path as well but; you can (and should have already) bloom them and turn them into regular trees; they stay this way forever. Familiarize yourself with the areas so you know what to expect as they come by.