Defeat the final boss with either Dante or Lucia
Devil May Cry 2 HD Trophy Guide
DMC2 is the most controversed game of the series. Whether you like it or not, you might want to complete it, as it is part of the HD collection trilogy. Here is the most efficient way to legitimately platinum it!

Well, this is it. The final fight. Thing is, the two battles are very different depending on the character you are playing with. If you wonder which one is easier, I would answer Lucia's without hesitation.


This battle will be made of two boss fights, which have to be completed without checkpoint.

Argosax the Chaos

This boss is made of residues from others. Each part will only feature a couple attacks from the original foe. You can actually kill most of those without taking a single hit if you take them in the right order. There are few small Green Orb around the arena, but on Hard, you will not get back any significant amount of health, so it's better to adopt the safest strategy.

You start in front of Nefascapitis remains. If you stay at a distance, shoot and jump to avoid the beams, you should have so little trouble you should be able to finish it without using the Left Analog stick. Now move to your right (counter-clockwise with respect to Argosax) and head to the remains of Griffon. If you are standing as close to the screen as possible, the spot you will be on when Griffon animates will be out of its reach. Equip the Submachineguns and hold Square for winning without breaking a sweat. Keep walking now in the same direction and apply the same strategy to what is left of Furiataurus; if on the right spot, its flames will not get you and you can free shot it down. Afterwards, walk up to the sole tentacle of Jokatgulm. Once again, if you are close to the screen and as far as you can while still able to aim, you can shoot freely while the tentacle uselessly swings around, ensuring you another flawless victory.

Now, your trouble starts. There is no spot that allows you to be out of reach from Phantom, so you will have to do this the hard way. Know its attacks: if it open its mouth wide and breathes fire, it will shoot directly at you; if it bows its head down and makes smoke, you will be attacked from the columns rising from the ground. Your best option is to dodge and send a missile on between attack waves. The amputated Orangguerra will be as much an annoyance, although you will only have to watch out for the bubbles it shoots toward you. It will always make them by packs of three, so benefit of the time between them to shoot then start dodging. After a while of this gymnastic, you will have conquered the final boss. What, it's not over? Damn...

The Despair Embodied

This is a really fast pace boss. It has a large panel of attacks, all of which can be dodged if timed properly, that he/she will relentlessly perform against you. What you want to do here is either stay away and shoot to charge your DT or learn the patterns of your enemy so you can take advantage of the small time windows to put in a sword combo here and there. Anyway, the best damage is laid in DT with the Frost Heart equipped.


Possessed Arius is slow, so if you know what to do, this will be a breeze. His bread and butter moves are to make lightning balls, try to punch you or use laser beams. The first ones are not really a threat, it is annoying more than anything cause it will track you down anywhere on the map and will never disappear by themselves. If you attack them, they will go away, or better yet, you can lure them to hit Arius. You really want to learn to dodge that punch as Arius will be defensless afterwards for a good while, enough time for you to lay a full blade combo for fair damage. When he raises into the air for the beam attack, this is the opportunity for you to get to his back (where you will be safe because he only shoots forward) and get him with total impunity. He also has some other moves, which he performs more rarely and are easy to dodge sideways. Be careful about the end of the fight, he may perform a bloodsucking attack to refill his vitality and you do not want him to replenish his health too much; if he indeed caught you, smash buttons and stir the stick like crazy to escape ASAP.


After you beat him, he will transform desperatly to try to vanquish you again. His attack pattern is restrained, just stay away from his mouth and tail and you will be fine. The easy strategy here is to stand at his opposite and shoot. If he gets too close and you are in range of his attacks, cross under him with dexterity dodges, make it to the other side and keep shooting. He cannot turn around, sohe will have to make his way back slowly. After a few back and forth, this battle should be over.
Written by Lothym Published 15th June 2014

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