Bolt Commando
Gather All 40 Golden Bolts throughout the game
Ratchet & Clank Trophy Guide
Everything you need to know to get the platinum trophy in Ratchet & Clank.

Number Location How To Get
1 Novalis Enter the area with the flowing water next to your ship and jump onto each platform until away from the water. There will be some uneven steps in front of you - wall-jump just in front of the first step onto a ledge. The gold bolt will be up on the ledge.
2 Novalis Go along the path just behind your ship. Follow it until you come across three holes filled with water and a locked door with a wrench turner right in front of it. To the left of the door there will be a dirt wall that can be blown up. Once the wall is blown up the gold bolt will be on the other side.
3 Novalis Requires Hydropack. Just underneath the large bridge there is a river. Jump into it and swim left into a cave, then walk through the cave until you come into an open area full of slime enemies. There will be a ladder on the wall - climb the ladder and the gold bolt will be up there.
4 Kerwan As soon as you head down the steps away from your ship there will be a Gadgetron vendor next to a railing. Carefully jump over and land in the gap inside the building which is a little bit below and has hover cars coming out of it. The gold bolt will be inside this area.
5 Kerwan On the training course located to the left of the first Gadgetron vendorm you will need to climb to the top of the course. There will be two different climbs. Finish the first climb of the course and move onto the next. Once you reach the top of the second climb, look around and there will be a building with mossy looking grass coming out of it. Glide down into the lower gap of the building and the gold bolt will be there.
6 Kerwan After going to Al's Roboshack a new area will open. Go along this path until you arrive at the train station. Instead of immediately getting on the train, go to the right-most stack of luggage and hover jump onto it. You then need to use a series of jumps to reach the gold bolt at the end.
7 Aridia Requires Slingshot. In the area where you need to use your Slingshot you will reach a room full of red light. Jump under the platform onto another platform where the gold bolt will be.
8 Aridia Requires Magneboots. Next to where you meet Skid Mcmarx's agent there is a magnet wall which you can climb up. There will be some type of laser that has a gold bolt inside it.
9 Aridia Just before you reach Skid's agent there is a lot of mud around you. Jump around the mud onto the grass area where all the trucks are, the gold bolt will be on the back of a nearby truck.
10 Aridia Not shown in video. To the left of where you first meet Skid Mcmarx there will be a large metal grate sealing off a tunnel. Continue to the left into an area that looks like a dead end. A part of the wall can be taken away by bombs - do this and run into the area where the gold bolt is located.
11 Eudora At the start of the level there will be a rock face with a gold bolt upon a cliff platform just out of reach. Move a bit to the left from below the gold bolt until you go up a level slightly, then double jump glide to the platform. You should latch onto the corner and be able to jump up to get the gold bolt.
12 Blarg Station Requires O2 Mask. At the beginning of the level, go left to the doorway that Clank could only exit previously. Ratchet can walk out into the area now that you have the O2 Mask. Once outside, go left into the ship, jump from the back onto the wing of the next one, then walk to the right across a platform and the gold bolt will be there.
13 Blarg Station This next bolt will be located just before you go to fight the Alien Queen where there will be a room with jailcell looking pods. To the top-right of the room, one of the pods will lead into a room full of frog enemies surrounding the gold bolt.
14 Rilgar In the area where the woman is standing for the hoverboard races, there is a doorway behind leading to a maze. Once inside, jump on top of the floating manhole cover and glide to the top of the maze. Carefully run along the beams until you are standing on the last blue circle, turn right and run along the beams again and you will end up just above the gold bolt.
15 Rilgar Requires O2 Mask. In the flooded zone there will be an entrance pipe close to the ground on the wall in the lowest point of the area. Once you find this pipe it will lead you through to a polluted area with the gold bolt right there.
16 Umbris Qwarks HQ After the initial set of enemies, there will be a few swingshot targets close to an orange building and walkway. Go across to the front door of the building and jump around to the right where there will be a few pressure pads around it. Once all three of them are pressed, the door to the building will open where the gold bolt is located.
17 Umbris Qwarks HQ As you go along the path of the level you will finally reach an area with water that has a killer fish swimming in it. Suck out the water and proceed past the two fish. Jump up the stairway and over the railing and the gold bolt will be down the bottom.
18 Batalia At the beginning of the level there will be two houses across from each other. Go to the house on the left and wall-jump between the doorway leading to the roof where the gold bolt will be.
19 Batalia After destroying the first tank in the area and crossing the bridge, go right. Jump up the grass steps, do a big jump to another grass platform to the right, which will lead to more platforms that lead to another gold bolt.
20 Gaspar To the right of the starting area, you need to use the same path used in Bronze Destroyed. It will take you all the way around to a platform that has the bolt sitting on it.
21 Gaspar Close to the turret in the area, there will be a volcanic crater right next to a platform. Glide into this crater and follow the path and eventually you will take an elevator up. Turn left from the elevator and the gold bolt will be there.
22 Orxon Requires O2 Mask. In the caves that Clank entered, there will be a wall area that Ratchet can wall- jump. Jump up into an area and the gold bolt will be there.
23 Orxon Requires Visibomb Gun. There will be a high area right next to Ratchet's Ship that is full of bombs. On the wall face there is a hole that looks kind of like a monster's mouth. Find a spot where you can stand without being hurt and shoot Visibomb ammo into the hole. You need to aim into the hole and take out the layers of wall inside until you get to the end. Once all the walls have been destroyed, find the walkway close to the electrified fence that lead you to the entrance of the monster mouth. Run and jump through this area without hitting the goo inside until you reach the gold bolt.
24 Pokitaru Close to the start of the level, if you jump down and swim in the water there will be a tunnel located somewhere along the walls that will lead up onto a ledge with a button. Do a hover pack jump and smash the button. A bridge will be created that will take you along a path full of enemies. Go along the path, jumping and staying alive. At the end will be a gold bolt.
25 Hoven Where the Bronze Pest-Control trophy is located, there is a hovering vertical platform going along the side of a cliff wall. Time yourself and jump between the platform and the wall to reach the top. The gold bolt will be up there once you correctly use the wall-jump technique.
26 Hoven Requires Hydrodisplacer. Near the beginning of the level, you have the option to go left onto some platforms or right into a cave entrance. Go right and begin to use the Hydrodisplacer in the cave to fill it up with water. Once the water has reached just below the middle structure in the cave there will be a tunnel which you were just in that has a part of the roof missing. Swim up into it and the gold bolt will be there.
27 Gemlik Base As you progress through the path of this map you will take an elevator down to an area that has lots of acidic sludge and there will be a small area with 5 platforms that you use to get to the other side. The sludge will rise up and down leaving only one platform submerged at all times. You need to reach this platform and stand on it. Look to the left where there will be an entrance tube into another room containing the gold bolt. Glide in carefully and collect it.
28 Oltanis Requires Magneboots. Close to where the ship lands there will be a magneboot rail that you can walk on that takes you to a slippery ice area. Go along the area making sure you don't fall or die. Just after walking through the first magneboot rail that has mines on it there will be a slippery area to the right that looks like a dead end. There will be a platform just below around there with a gold bolt sitting there.
29 Oltanis Right near the previous gold bolt there is a broken yellow wall that you have to shimmy across. Instead of jumping up, once near the ice again, keep going right across it to the end. There will be an area just at the end with the gold bolt there.
30 Oltanis Requires Swingshot. Near the ship there will be some Swingshot targets. Use the swingshot on them, following the path until you drop onto the building. Look left and there will be small robots with swingshot targets flying in a set path. You need to grab o to this target and continue along the swingshot path, making sure you time every shot and don't fall to your death. The gold bolt will be waiting for you at the end.
31 Oltanis Not included in video. Requires Swingshot. Near to where the slingshot begins there will be a path that goes along that ends up at a grindrail sequence. Just before getting to the grindrails there will be a swingshot target near a building. Latch onto the target and jump into the room. The gold bolt will be there.
32 Quartu Requires Robot Key. If you go along the path of the area you will eventually end up at an area in which Clank can enlarge himself into a gigantic robot. Right near this pad there will be a weird-looking door that's locked. You need to use a robotic key that you collect during the story to open the door and the gold bolt will be inside.
33 Quartu Requires Swingshot. If you follow the path even further there will be a story point where you meet Clank's mother. In this small room there will be a swingshot target that will take you to another room with a gold bolt in it.
34 Kalebo III Once you head down from the ship and enter a doorway there will be an elevator to the left. Go up and start the grindrail course. Try to get through the course without dying and be sure to press the 3 buttons located around the course to unlock the door. Just after that part, another grindrail opens that will lead to the gold bolt.
35 Kalebo III After completing the grindrail course, you will be taken near a receptionist. Go back towards the grindrail and jump down to a teleportation pad. The gold bolt will be located in the following room.
36 Veldin Orbit Requires Hydropack and O2 Mask. Exactly where the Bronze Careful-Cruise trophy is located, there will be a few rings you need to swim through in the water. Go through these rings then turn back around. There will be another tunnel that will take you to a room with a gold bolt in it.
37 Veldin Orbit On the other side of the map, you will be outside of the ship with your Magneboots on, then walk inside the ship upside-down. Once you return to right side up, a door will be in front of you. Instead of going through that door, turn around and go through the other door. Follow the path and a gold bolt will be at the end.
38 Veldin Requires Taunter. After jumping into the holed area and using stomp to open up the next door, there will be some platformed areas ahead. Look around and you will see a circle in the wall with a glowing blue force field on it. Use your Taunter on the frog enemy on the other side and this will cause the gate to open. Walk inside and collect the gold bolt.
39 Veldin A few minutes later, there will be a number of swingshot targets ahead of you. Instead of latching onto them, look right and jump up the platforms leading to a larger platform with a gold bolt.
40 Veldin  As you move along the area a little bit, there will be a small volcanic hole near you, located next to a small platform on the ground. Jump onto the platform and glide along the wall face down onto another platform area. A grindrail will take you into a tube with the gold bolt there.

Once every Gold Bolt is aquired this trophy will pop.

There are 2 Gold Bolts missing from the following video, one of them is located on Aridia close to where you first meet Skid Mcmarx. There will be a silver wall blocking you from the gold bolt. You will need to walk left from this wall away from where Skid's ship is and into a small dead end area. Use a bomb on the dirt wall and an opening will appear where you can collect the bolt. The next bolt is on Oltanis - when you are walking towards the three grindrails where you are chased, there will be a slingshot ball that will send you into an area where the bolt will be standing.

Gold Bolts - 2 Missing

Video made by TheCoDBrothersGaming.
Written by spazza136 Published 2nd April 2014 - Updated 22nd April 2014

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