Bros before Foes
Orkos helps Kratos escape the Fury Ambush
God of War: Ascension Trophy Guide
See Kratos before he became a god and before he killed Zeus and took his revenge. While you're at it, you might as well get this easy platinum too!

In Chapter 20, you will start this battle by having to defeat fake Spartan soldiers. After defeating enough of them, Megaera will jump into the battle and you will have to fight both her and the Spartan warriors. Megaera does not have much in the way of attacks as she sticks to a three-hit melee combo or a large slam move. After enough damage is done she climbs up onto a building, but you can still reach her with your attacks. When the camera slows down, jump into the air to avoid the shockwave from when the fury jumps to the ground. Megaera will now be more aggressive with her attacks and upgrade to a 4-hit combo, but there is still nothing to worry about. By the way, should she grab you, be ready to for a button prompt to escape. At one point she will jump back onto the roof and summon more Spartans for you to fight, while at the same time firing energy blasts at you. You may think that you need to defeat the Spartans to move on, but in actuality, you need to keep attacking Megaera. Taking the spears from the Spartans is the best way to go about this. Eventually she will fall and you have to perform a QTE (surprise!) to defeat her.

After defeating Megaera, you will now face Tisiphone. Tisiphone's bird will pick you up and slam you into a roof, and it is at this point that you have to press Square or Triangle to attack and dodge using R3. Kratos will tackle the bird to the ground and Tisiphone will join the battle. She will use her pet to attack, using dashes as well as sending the bird to grab you. Oh, and the bird will breath fire as well. These moves are fairly simple to dodge, and when the bird disappears from the screen after striking, Tisiphone is vulnerable to counterattack. After enough damage is done to her, she will become stationary at the north end of the arena and her bird will fly into the air. Start running as fire falls from the sky and hits the last place you were standing. Keep attacking until she is stunned and you can grab her. You think there will be a QTE, but then Megaera comes back into the battle for the third phase of this fight.

Now you have to deal with both of them, and boy is it a pain. They will have combination moves, so avoid being grabbed at all cost as they will juggle you between them. Tisiphone even sends her bird to grab her sister and carry her around, making her even more dangerous. When the camera slows, the bird is going to throw Megaera and there will be a shockwave so jump to dodge it. This will leave Megaera stunned and you should do as much damage as you can. You will get to a point where a force field will be put around Megaera and you will have to focus your efforts on Tisiphone. She will stay stationary for the most part and send her bird into the air to rain fire down upon you. Once the white line is above her head, I'm sure you know what to do. Perform the QTE to dispatch Megaera and then another to finish off Tisiphone.
Written by c0l0mbian216 Published 15th December 2014
God of War: Ascension Trophy Guide
God of War: Ascension is the sixth installment in the God of War saga, but takes place prior to the events in the other games. In this game, Kratos is on a journey to break his oath with Ares and on the way is pit against the Furies.

Another multi-phase fight. At the start you'll be facing off against a squad of Spartans while Megaera watches from the rooftops. Fight the Spartans until Megaera hops down, and then attack her until she retreats again. You will want to pick up spears from the Spartans and throw them at her when she's not on the ground. After enough damage, you will be able to grapple her and then Alecto will take over for a bit. Alecto's attacks are predictable. She will use her phoenix to try and dive bomb you, which you can dodge without issue. She can also attack you with lightning, but you don't even really need to dodge it. When she's vulnerable, keep attacking her. You can use the amulet to slow her down which will get you more hits in. After a while she too can be grappled. In the final part both sisters will attack you at once. This sounds harder than it is. What you'll want to do is focus on Megaera until she puts up a shield, and then use your Ares magic on Alecto. After a while you can grapple again and the fight will be over.
Written by Matticus182, simula67 and onuosfan Published 3rd December 2014

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